Hated By Many Members

Hello Guys @SM_ARTIST Here, First Off I’d Like To Address The Hate I’m Getting From Many Members, Why? Just Why? It’s Extremely Childish And Unnecessary All I’m Trying To Do Is Be Nice To Others And I Get Hate For That? What Nonsense, If I Keep Getting This Hate I Will Be Leaving The Forum I Cannot Take It All In I’m Rather Fragile Actually So I’d Suggest People That Hate To Not Say Anything Just IGNORE It Alright? I’m Trying To Be Nice About This So Please Be Reasonable.




CRITISISM :exclamation:

Just do something that we can please our eyes at !

Dont just add a filter and text :frowning:

EVEN IF ITS HATE! Do something about it , dont whine about it !

Dont limit yourself to one thing ._.



It’s Very Harsh, As I Said I’m Rather Fragile…

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Yes , its harsh , with this hate , you should do something that will turn the hate into appreciaction.

And welcome to the internet , everyone’s cancer 'round here soo

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I like your forum name… kinda smart.


I’m active in many fps games forum including valve n steam. Ppl reply with hatred many times, i dont pay much attention to them. I personally met some of them in real life they all seems really good person and they are my good friends too.
some time ppl react out of context but just let it go life is not big, we are not here to live for thousands of year.
Not to give much thought about what other has to say in web or in real world. Do whatever makes you happy.

Rocky Balboa Quotes. “Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place and I don’t care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it.

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I get hated on too many also many fans !

You guys should team up.

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@SM_ARTIST DW man, haters keep hating! But I’m sure there r a few of us who appreciate your work :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum, I hope you have better experiences here in the future

Please, PLEASE don’t burst out into an advertisement with a link to your channel, goddamnit


LOL looks like you did it for me, thanks

Wew. Dwightx is here. You need not worry, SM_Artist. No matter how much people hate you, at least you have some support. Unlike Dwight.

Lol what? You have no fans


i freaking love these roasts lmaooooooooo


I have many fans also you don’t know me.
You are a hater

I feel sorry for SM_Artist. He was just used as a temporary punching bag because Dwight wasnt around at the time.


Stop following me around your like a damn pet
or a annoying little child

haters gonna hate, you just tryina protect yo channel.

lets be honest , its shit . Bad thumbnails , and bad editing software , like come on , at least put in some effort


i think thats you honestly

kaen has some strong points


Yea you two following me around liking each others posts like gay couples
You two are sincere haters and followers.

89 likes and 4 dislikes seems like a lot of people like my videos

atleast being gay is better than doing clickbait lmaoooooo

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