Hate the "revive" concept, needs change


basically. who is come to the plane open battlefield full of enemies to revive you? a better option is in-game
repair kits(not something like repair drone that repairs only 30-40 hp).what do you say?


Repair kits, energy kits, cooling kits, they used to be in game. Then they got removed. Can’t remember if they will be added back or not.


Better question: Why do the enemies just stand there in a “plain open battlefield” waiting for you to walk up to them to challenge them?

They aren’t Pokemon trainers, ya know.



they are friends flux… or young people making more bunneh’s on battlefield, thats why they are so strong now P_P :pig:



maybe, game concept isnt perfect for you?


lie, most of them has +100 cooling, are you sure than was not a normal mision?


i got to give it to you fluxeon


Even better question: If you made it to overlord’s den, why doesn’t he just send all of his remaining forces after you? Why just let you continue to diminish his forces? If he sent all the bots in the overlord’s den chapter in one battle, you would be toast, and he would win. Why doesn’t he do that?


I guess he was inconfident in guarding his precious “den” by himself, so he took his best guards with him. Apparently each of them were having a coffee break in their mechs, so they don’t notice their comrades being blown up right next to them.

The “Overlord” really should be more confident in his own abilities, and his minions really need to pick the proper time to have their coffee break.


I can’t beat Big Boy :sob:


So perhaps you should start off by beating your little boy? :grinning:


If you build a heat mechs, with axes, lava and heat legs, you must enter the battle with 600 HP. You withstand the first 2 attacks of the bigboy and then attack him wildly with your lavas and axes and the bigboy can not play anymore. Go hard!


It’s just a game meng, numbers over numbers.

it’s like, how the heck Mario have 3 lives? (silly)


Haven’t you heard? Plumbers always have 3 lives, just like how cats have 9. (100% a true story I promise)


Looks legit.