Has the drop rate changed?

I just bought 5 silver boxes and got 5 epic items…I might have been lucky… I dunno …

Just lucky duuuh
Doubt they would change it


Nah,your just lucky.yesterday I opened 2 silver box’s and got 2 epics,but after that I got only rares and commons.


Generally in the first ones you open it is easier to obtain epics. Also if you’ve used epics before for fusion, it’s more possible.

What were pretty bad was legendaries of premium boxes. I didn´t get anything good and I even got 2 relics! Now, I see that many have legendary resitances, but for me … nothing!


I just got another 3 epics…

The only time when you even need to start thinking about the drop rate changing for the better is when you buy a silver box and get a legendary out of it.
But in that case you should keep silent as it is more likely to be a bug than an adjustment of the drop rate done by TS.


It has changed. Boxes you buy buffed, and mission boxes nerfed. (My last full fuel run had a 3:1 charcoal to blue drop). I bet sometime in the next year they will kill parts drops from missions all together and make it a straight coin/token game. Theyre just trying to get you used to buying stuff as supposed to winning it.

I´ve never obtained legendary in a silver box. And surely I opened hundreds of these.

It´s assumed that there are no relics in premium boxes, and yesterday I got 2.

Yesterday I had 5 fortune boxes in a full fuel run on big boy , only 1 legendary but still…