Has premium box same chance to drop a Legendary item than premium pack?


Has title says, has any of it higher chance to drop a legendary item?

Ty 4 any answer :smiley:


Unknown. Some people say yes, others no. Personally I’ve never seen modules in packs, only in boxes; can’t say as to legendary chance, too much RNG. Until official numbers are released, we won’t really know.

Sort of a non-answer, sorry… best I can do :confused:


Ask Tactisoft. They’re supposed to tell us, after all, but they don’t. It’s against Apple’s TOS.

@Yeet is that true?


It is equivelent as buying 5 premium boxes, as each individual card of pack has its own chance of legendary


yessere bob.


Ty so muche guys

Im new and im still trying understand how game works


Always ask on the forums if you need help with the game
Everyone is happy to help and hopefully you stick around cause this game needs more new players


I thought you meant Legs, not legendary :joy: Kinda misleading



If premium box and pack has same legendary item drop chance, I would go on premium box.
Since more attempts = more chance.

EDIT: I made math uncorrect LMAO… i was sure 75x5 was under 335… e.e


I would go with premium packs since they are cheaper by 30-40 tokens
Premium boxes - 75 tokens
Premium packs - 335 tokens

75 x 5 = 375

375 - 335 = 40

so in conclusion if you buy a premium pack you can save 40 tokens


No, dont do that. All 5 cards in a pack have their own individual chance of being legendary. Think of buying a pack just like buying 5 boxes excet you save tokens. For example:
For premium box, it would be:
10% chance of legendary
For premium pack it would be:
Card 1: 10% chance of legendary
Card2: 10% chance of legendary
Card 3: 10% chance of legendary
Card 4: 10% chance of legendary
Card 5: 10% chance of legendary


I don´t know if you have the same opportunity … I have observed is that if for e.g. you open 2 premium boxes each day, you have less chance of obtaining a special legendary than if you open them all on the same day … That is, instead of opening 1 or 2 a day, I think it’s better to open 10 only 1 day a week …


Lol… so altogether is 50% chance of getting at least 1 legendary


Just to be 100% sure, even @yeet been clear enough.

Any of u ever get 2 or more legendary items by same premium pack?

TY again for answers :smiley:


In some cases I get 5 epics and in others I have obtained up to 4 legendary ones.

Typically, you get 1 legendary for each premium box. But look! most of these legendaries are fusion material. That is, specials legendary have a much lower drop rate.

And within the specials, there are other even more special ones that are the difficult card. It took me 6 months to get 1 platinum plate.


I got legendaries and 3 epics from the last pack I opened

All this mystery would be solved if they showed the drop rate though


I THINK based on experience and you-tube videos that the higher level you are, the better rarity and items, you get.
So maybe this is why they don’t publish the drop chance as it is variable.
If this is true, then it would also be safe to assume this is not a linear chance change (much like raid scores).


but you got it. '-) congrats!


only 1…! 1 in 6 months!


Do you NEED more really?
(I got 1 from the beginning when converting to ‘reloaded’, not one more till now.)

well, the lack leads us to play more with skill then just with clicking-always-the-same.

Was it to you that you got NOTHING (not only ‘no plat. plate’)
for hard earned or bought tokens? - look to Bugs&Issues section.