Haris (Capo) Is in F2!


So it has been brought to my attention that Capo is playing F2 seriously. Anyone who wishes to troll him can go ahead and do so. I will show you all proof now. http://prntscr.com/ex119v If you unscramble their names (Occir replaced A ingame recently) You come to the fallowing realization. Their names together form “Join Capo FL (for life)” They are rank 1 and actively boosting. He has trolled a LOT of people, anyone who wants some payment go and say hi :slight_smile:


he got together 3 teams because he was expecting me, ICEMAN, PLO, and @Shadow to show up boosting hard

the other 2 teams are either SoLD and their sub or TLF and their sub


when noobs help to troll a noob like capo
or is it cuz u died to a noob kael? :joy:


LOL SoLD is not their team
I assure you :smiley:


its tlf then. and this information has just been confirmed


Well I am not even playing the era, but I figure everyone deserves a chance to troll you back considering how much trolling you do :slight_smile: Cant dish it out if you cant take some yourself


tbh im not with capo noob i just know u dont need help to kill brain dead capo though
and i just checked around the map honest qustion who r his 2 others teams ? :joy:


Nah not TLF, TLF gonna fight them


capo didnt bring 3 teams, he doesn’t have that many friends.

it’s a shame kaen’s team didnt show up I was planning to watch the chaos, oh well


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My brain is now fried


(rofl) The minute you are revealed you get stabbed by 3 teams simultaneously (rofl) Thats what happens when u spend ur life as a hateful troll :slight_smile:


none are like u though kael ur known for buying ur boat :slight_smile:


I still find it funny how many believe that. Proves to me no one really knows milan. He wouldnt sell a potential 50k plus score.


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after meeting milan made 100% more sure :joy:
i mean any1 with a brain would know atleast u sent him on a vacation tbh thats better than boat anyday


Wait Kael Broke Milan’s BOAT :astonished::dizzy_face:


hell no u really think noob kael can?
his boat is bought from milan :joy:


Damn savage Youssef is out.