HardToKill - Recruitment

YOU want to be part of one of the best Clans ever :question:

Then you are right here :exclamation:


Requirements are changing from time to time, therefore I will post them in the next post :exclamation:

Free breakfast, massage and caregiver are mandatory …


stands for playing with …

  • Heart :heart:

  • Brain :brain:


  • Honor :medal_sports:


:exclamation: Clan with MOST Medals of ALL Clans = biggest SuperMechs History of ALL :exclamation:

:exclamation: Clan with MOST Single Medals of ALL Clans = best Players of ALL :exclamation:

:exclamation: Clan with MOST Heart of ALL Clans = :heart: :exclamation:



Requirements at the moment …

  • having fun

  • playing with heart, brain and honor

  • being able to reach at least Rank2 end of the weekly tournament (thats around 150 - 180 Arena Points on last day)



Today is a boom of clan creating and “Clan Recruitment” has a bit more active than usual :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. Just looked at the global chat and looked on the forums. Great update! The most motivate update!

Back to the topic. HardToKill was a first clan that I looked when I was a noobish player. Good memory from 2017… HTK was and is one of the top clans that include russian players. I liked it so much. :relieved:

It’s good that this clan rules by HappyPoppers and bestplayerintheworld. They are so expierence players and it confirmed by their medales. HappyPoppers is a good leader that stayed with his clan so long like Miron and grosbite.:crown:

Hold your power , HardToKill members , and stay worthy of the name of your clan :exclamation:



Hello, i’d like to apply to HTK. My ign is Rockblast and i am usually r1-r2 by the end of the week.I also do not want to face Gorgon or Canopy anymore.Lmao


I still don’t have what it takes to apply I feel. Never been a rank 1 ~…

Still feels inappropriate, considering how much I have left to upgrade my stuff.

But yeah, as of now. Rank 2 isn’t a problem here~

Although it’s going to change on 3 vs 3 day, since my 3rd mech isn’t completed.

With that being said, I am not a fit just yet :confused:


Thank you for appliyng mate. We are indeed hard to kill.
Tou seem to perform very well in 1v1 format. How do you fair in 2v2? How do you expect to fair in 3v3.


Youre a different case :upside_down_face:


3v3 is important as you need to be flexible for clan wars as well.


If HtK doesnt take u…maybe u would like to work Under the Bridge :slight_smile:


Exactly my point @ReiMuBots. So it would really be unfair and selfish of me to get into HTK so soon considering that I am one of the newer players here. And “slack you down” my fellows in clan wars due to no having properly equipped 3rd mech…

Hard to Kill is definitely among the best clans in SM and for some the best for quite obvious reasons. You my mates are awesome both in game and in person from what I have seen. That’s what counts and will stay always remembered as respected nonetheless.

@bestplayerintheworld who introduced me to forums and helped me orientate through forums. Love the cheeky posts very often, and humor of yours~!
As well to mention how nice you were to me even after the first flag accident on my Poetry Topic. You are truly great :heart::trophy:

@ReiMuBots got all my respect for being very mature, calm, a very reasonable and positive person around~! Forums look better with every comment you make. I meant it~

@lordgorgon one of the most respected and noble top players around, widely known~
What to say~… Exaggerating compliments about him would still seem as a diminuendo, on a Carmina Burana O’ Foruna’s ending by Carl Orff.

(To put it in the musical perspective of description)

@Epyon is one of the first HTK members that I had pleasure to meet at Aku’s house.
A very graceful and silent fellow.
When he does make a wall of text, it’s very well composed and with a meaning.

Enjoyed our brawls back then and small tests~!

@Misfit a very good and respectful guy who helped me with a several builds here on forums and gave me suggestions~!
As well, one of the most reasonable people around~!

It’s my pleasure to meet you~

Overall, my picture of HTK team is totally great~!

Whom I haven’t mentioned, didn’t come to my mind right now or we had a very few interactions to make a honest review.

P.S: For now, I think that I am unfit for the HTK. Even though I could get an S box even in a loss. That’s what I can get for a win right now in my current clan.

I wouldn’t want to put whole clan down.
Cause every single player matters at that level of teamwork and gameplay.

I can easily score rank 2 at: 1 vs 1 and
2 vs 2.
However 3 vs 3 is where I would score rank 4 at max, is my bet.

I would undoubtfully need more time, to upgrade my components as well as Arena Shop.


can i join this sexy clan?

i am r3 (and possibly r2-1)rn

if yua want


Thanks for appllying mate. How do you think youll fare in 3v3?

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Oh nooo

my 3rd is not yet ready and i am not yet ready on 3v3

i only rely on 1v1 or 2v2


my mechs are all counters


same for 2vs2, and fairly similar in 3vs3.
Let me know if there is an open spot and you guys are willing to take me

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Clan war being a thing, 3v3 too, we will need to have you wait a little and progress mate.
Well keep you in our records and will follow you .


Can we have a 3v3 friendly battle with you typicall line up? Wed like to assess it.

sure, i will talk to you in game


Give me 10min.

Me atm. I have plans for a “mystery mech” :wink:
Now 158 points with 166 wins :slight_smile:


I am rank 10 and i have 3 mechs lol

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