HardToKill Official Recruitment Post


And you’ll likely obtain more medals this week, Silver if I had to make a guess. But you never know, anything could happen, there’s still one day left.


That’s probably just going to start a fight and the system will go crazy again, “Due to the large amount of community flags.”.


There’s nothing to flag, yet


I ask you both once more to respect our official Recruitment Post as we do yours, so any further questions or statements feel free to send me in a pm :exclamation:



Info for all our members …

We are as loyal to our members as they are to us :exclamation:
Means we do not kick for any price, we won already enough Clan Medals (Gold, Silver and Bronce) :exclamation:

Many players experience and/or see this privilege and are happy to stay and/or to join us :exclamation:




stands for playing with …

  • Heart :heart:
  • Brain :brain:


  • Honor :medal_sports:



Well last i checked there were more then just one timezone🤔


Last time i checked co leader was in one simlar to mine, and season end is close to midnight/1 am



This is a recruitment thread, it is very complicated to you understand what it means ?.that is, if you are not interested in being recruited, you have nothing to say or contribute please get out of here.for that are the other topics, this is recruitment of members.all your answers are off topic, since they are not associated or they are consistent with this thread.I hope you understand it and do not continue evidencing the very little capacity for logical reasoning.

I cordially invite you to leave our recruiting thread.


Your post gets taken down if it does not belong in the context of the original topic.


Wow …

we … HardToKill … have right now 24 very strong members :exclamation:

… again, as so so so many times now, 64% win ratio :exclamation::exclamation::exclamation:


Thats AMAZING :exclamation:


At one point we even had 67% last days (but not at the start of the tournament where even 100% is possible for a few minutes, until first loss, no, it was after around 200 battles) :exclamation:

HardToKill … best Clan ever :exclamation:

So even we have right now 24 very strong and very loyal members (not Medal greedy), as mentioned so often also, often members …

  • take a break

  • quit the game

  • have things to do in real life (school, sport, work, family)

… so YOUR chance to join HardToKill is still alive :exclamation:

Just be patient :exclamation:



stands for playing with …

  • Heart :heart:
  • Brain :brain:


  • Honor :medal_sports:



Also youd be teammate with Besty. “Untangible asset”.


Good stuff HTK, keep it up!


Everybody in the clan play as they see fit.
Top players battling a lot, top players playing less.
Lower ranked player battling a lot, lower ranked player playing less.
We have everything.

Im not against heated conversations or trolling sometimes.
Bud badmouthing out of the blue isnt sweet Lanni, i thought you were above that.



Your post make no sense :exclamation:

  • you came here to OUR Clan Recruitment thread for what :question:

… oh I see you want join us :exclamation:

Unfortunately we do only take strong players :exclamation:

… that make no sense, because the 64% is the average of ALL 24 players :exclamation:

So 2 things to say …

  • you coming here to talk it bad do not work :exclamation:

  • you trying to talk it bad also do not work, because even your argument is wrong :exclamation:


P.S.: Envy is a bad thing … 64% win-ratio is BEST of ALL Clans :exclamation:



Then congratulations for last season ratio.
Their is no behavioral line coming from the management in HtK, everybody plays however they want.
So numbers are actually very factual. Thats average 10 wins/day /member which is pretty rational.


We have 1 spot open :exclamation:

Feel free to try to get into HardToKill :exclamation:

I will do my best to answer all questions you have :exclamation:



stands for playing with …

  • Heart :heart:

  • Brain :brain:


  • Honor :medal_sports:



You are smart …

… so you know what to do:

  • click “Clan”

  • click “Search”

  • write HardToKill

  • click " :white_check_mark: "

  • click on “HardToKill” (Leader: HappyPoppers)

  • click " :white_check_mark: " (Join clan HardToKill?)

… and see if you can enter :exclamation:



Wanna battle side by side with some of the bests in game??

HtK is the place to be.


Completely agreed with you friends~!

HTK is awesome. Simply put.

As much as I would like to be a member of HTK, guess I will pass this time. Would feel bad to leave my own clan as a responsible leader and as a low rank player.

(So such a request would be reckless and disrespectful coming from me, hopes you will find a good member and a new friend to join your forces)!

But surely, one day I hope that I will be able to assist HTK as allied with my clan.

Stay strong mates, you are Hard to Kill by all means.
Respect to you :slight_smile:


Information for our HardToKill members …

  • that can happen if you leave HardToKill even we supported you a lot …

  • this is a great HardToKill performance = best win-ratio (63%) of ALL Top Clans …

Thank you to all HardToKill members … you all do GREAT :exclamation:



I am always happy to help my friends “Leader”! :wink: