HardToKill Official Recruitment Post


Agree with that, This is clan recruitment. But also suggest you to watch out on exetra. He might look like a nice, friend type of guy. But I won’t make high hops. Seeing him with only 30 max wins per week also dosent trying to improve at any point. We try sou many times to help him with stuff but he refused… Then seeing him here talking such a stuff when he don’t even cloud get into rank 3 with such a stuff and support from clan… it’s pointless to arguing here. Good luck finding new player or recruting exetra and have a good day.


We … HardToKill … take whom we take … we are a Top Clan now for years, we have enough expierence to know whom we will take :exclamation:



As you said, Goodluck.


That s why you were missing a player in last 2 season ends?


I did take note and have been trying to get wins, with some new builds from who who must not be names i am hoping for inprovments, gl on your jorney


Exetra… I won’t argue here with you. I already had enough of that in clan. You pretty fine player but u still need alot of experience. Goodluck with HTK clan and your next journey.


i see there is a spot open in HTK
@HappyPoppers Need a member who can get rank 4-3 for now
i am able to take down some HTK members if they helps


Sorry,you can’t
Because this update is news a very active player to help us
Also he or she must get 150 at least can stay our clan top 2


atm i am rocking 20-3o wins per day and my normal wins keep going up
i think 150 is a easy amount to get @TheBlackMan :wine_glass:
for a top clan wouldnt you want at least 200-250 per


This is a sign that you don’t know how the point system works yet


well i dont really pay arention to it, i just kill with the sometimes loe


Here, if you can get 170 points by end of this week, I will recommend you


i aw dat edit XD, i will try for it XD


You know… 170 AP is Highest Rank 2 / Lowest Rank 1.

I only get 155-160+ every season.


Winz, u do know i am at the rim of skull rank right, i am stuck at 100 XD
i guess its good i sleeped in this morning, 24 hour+ farming time


That’s very common for Season Reset.


Then there’s your answer… only way to get into HTK like that is if you are an honourary veteran of HTK who helped out beck in the day


u sure about that? i am farming to rank 4, then to rank 3, and then i will try for rank 2 and maybe rank 1, u never know i may get lucky with battles


You know, Rank 1s can also get 130< AP below, so it’s not just Rank and Stars these days, it’s about actually fighting and winning. Also, almost top clan’s #1 Priority now is AP to keep clan up, but also #2 Rank for reputation.

Also there’s in no way you can be too lucky. There are SWARMS of Triple Magma users up here :V


thanks alot for the support, i stand a chance, i am using heat/physical counters to get to rank 4 due to there only being them online

wow, time flys fast, its 2:14am for me, i do put in effort XD