HardToKill Official Recruitment Post


I just not sure who is take him to our clan and I don’t care him because he ap and mech is not good enough


Please worry about your own Clan :exclamation:



His account was @0ld_Supermechs_User’s. He quit SM a couple months ago. Gave the account to @UchihaMadara

This account was then stolen by crepadus/@kiira1 who has attempted to steal my account and many others through scamming and succeeded in stealing people who (don’t know why) revealed their info.

I don’t care what you do, just warning you


I just remembered that someone is almost want to steal my account by llyl player (maybe u…)
That is in 1 year ago


I’ve never been in LLYL


I know is not you
I mean the name start of U


1st of all, no need to warn anything

2nd you asume things, if you feel the need to accuse someone about something, feel free to do so … contact tacticsoft

3rd SURE NOT in our Clan Recruitment Thread

As Clan and/or as Clan leader you have NO power to check if an account is stolen or cheated or anything else :exclamation:
Only tacticsoft has the power for :exclamation:


@Marija, @Elcent, could you guys please clean the last few posts, that are off topic.



He admitted it ¯\__(ツ)_/¯


Blackman’s command of english isnt really good. I think you know it and misunderstand on purpose.
Not very sweet.

For your information, we usually ask TS to screen accounts that are really OP before taking them in. Mine, Canopys, Wlmg (hes been with us a little) have been screened by TS upon Michelles request before joining.

Dont become an arse winzy.

  • “he” is not from Bulgaria :exclamation:

  • only because someone write something, doesn’t mean it is a fact


@lordgorgon honest to god, I wasn’t being an arse. I understood he was standing up for HTK in posts 293 and 294 but then suddenly said:

and confused me quite a bit.

@bestplayerintheworld Bulgaria has nothing to do with this

but yes, I do agree with the latter


It has …

  • current player from Bulgaria (if I am correct about the flag)

  • yes players can use VPN to hide the place from where the account is played

  • the Clan can also not check this, only developers can

… can you please stop spamming our Clan Recruitment Thread with your problem :question:


i want enter plz i am a medium player very friendly i have 2 legendary parts


Congratulations … it was an honest victory … to meet the next Friday


Thank you :exclamation:

Question, wasn’t Trolls 2 times in a row 2nd :question:

Because “News” says different, thats strange :exclamation:


(or maybe I counted with this week, but Rank changed last 2 hours)


Trolls got 2nd place last after last season ago. Trolls got 2nd place AGAIN, but ya’ll beat us to it.


If HTk Is Ever 1 member short, PM ME if u want a member who gets wins and can get rank 4-3
And also i am down to take down some of my X clan Mates >:D


I will ask you only once to please respect our Clan Recruitment Thread, you can do your childish flame wars with pm each other, do not use foreign Clan Recruitment Threads for such nonsense, or maybe you like to be flagged :exclamation:



will do, thx for the heads up