HardToKill Official Recruitment Post


Nice job HTK . Congrats to you all


Good job HTK very good


great to return to glory, recruit more and dismiss the inactive (they already had their time)


What do you think about this? But I immediately said it was not easy)


I have requested entry. I know I am not a pro, but I still wish to learn from you. I made a mistake with @Powtaito, @Shabbadoo52, and @se77en. I had joined their clan, and later started to invite people. They thought that I was trying to draw attention to myself (though I had no intention of doing so), and in conclusion, was kicked. However, I see this as an opportunity, and I hope that you will give me a chance. I merely wish to learn from you and receive any feedback or advice I can receive about my strategies, mechs, wins, etc. I will not make the same mistake twice. Plz, don’t shoot me down. I am high enough to at least request entry, so that is something, right?
Here Are all my stats:
Mech 1:

Mech 2:
image.jpg710x438 153 KB

image.jpg698x413 132 KB

image.jpg709x415 126 KB

image.jpg706x423 145 KB


Mech 3:
image.jpg703x418 143 KB

image.jpg704x422 130 KB

image.jpg703x411 116 KB

image.jpg713x420 138 KB


^(Mainly due to farming Overlord’s Den Mission 6)^
Of All Players:

Of Players Online:

I am Proud to say I have just reached rank 9 today!!! :tada::tada::tada:

Again, if you would consider my “internship” I would be greatly thankful. Thank you for your consideration,


That is alot of information for just wanting to join


If you are high enough… I think you can join immediately lol

And uhh… can I consider this spam?






He means you are posting too many unnecessary images that are filling up the thread. Only keep the important stuff. It’s better to post everything than nothing, but too much isn’t helpful either.


HardToKill is a modest and honest clan. No cheaters, no haters, no nothing.

But would you guys take in a scammer? Someone who steals accounts and uses them to for personal use?


When you see the other country about the player,many just think we steal account
Sorry,you guys all wrong
Let me tell you
We are friendly,for account because he or she are busy,so we need to use player account who are offline to help he or she to play or take the other players to our clan


That is called help each others


Also you not need to know that who steal account




You guys took in MagiX. That account was stolen by crepadus AKA Godzilla


Did you just admit to stealing accounts?


Maybe there are some reason why leader take him


Sorry,i never do this man


Okay, that’s good.

I was just warning HTK of credapus/Godzilla