HardToKill Official Recruitment Post


again suspicion of offenses ?.. I do not do this ever … just after introducing a new system of accrual points inactive accounts burden the clan … only this


We do not kick long time members (as other clans do / did), who helped the clan a lot in past, for simple getting some more points (if, there must be a real reason - inactive for days as example without letting us know about - as just one example) :exclamation:

Thats why I reacted that way, Hamza is not in question :exclamation:

WE … HardToKill are as nice and loyal to our members, as possible :exclamation:

We do not “sell” our members (kick) for a SilverMedal :exclamation:
We already won so much … we don’t need better Medals for any “price” :exclamation:

Hope, that helps to clear, why I reacted this way :exclamation:



what happend with you?

that some medals do not change your way of being and thinking I respect you very much but you must know how to manage your good moment


oh no … no…not again … I did not want to offend any of you … you probably misunderstood me … I apologize … I do not want to clog your thread … once again have the good fortune in your search


I think you guys misunderstood Miron. He disnt write or mean anything bad as i know the man…


Yes, I think we are ok now with Miron, we tried each other our best to clear it, I think it was his enthusiasm for a possible Clan Silver Medal :exclamation:

HardToKill has already won 84, so really no need to push for that, may Trolls win the Silver, we are just searching good strong new members, cos we had some, who quit the game :exclamation:



let me join t o p k e k


Miron thought you guys were ready to kick Hamza to make a free spot to get the Clan higher… but what he didn’t realise was that the clan already only had 23/24… and would never kick veteran players

@bestplayerintheworld @ShadowOfDeath @lordgorgon

Don’t take him the wrong way, he’s the nicest fellow around


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Thanks for asking, unfortunately we search for Rank 1 and 2 players, since we are a top clan :exclamation:

But we never know, maybe you improve the next weeks / months and we can consider it :exclamation:



do you only have that one mech? if you have another one its be good to see it.


@Berserk40000 @Smirk Unlink the recruitment threads and also remove the Flame thread titled. “Dear Salty People: The Thread” No comments needed here just remove the posts I’ve flagged as they are unrelated to our post. Please clean up this thread abit. Thank you!

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I wonder why this was closed for


A lot of flags.


Thank you a lot Sergio, since you are in HardToKill you improved very fast and easy, with the right Clan friends and leader like @HappyPoppers, it is pretty easy :exclamation:




By the way, who is sergio?

The name sounds VERY familiar to me, might ring a bell for more info given on it.

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We have again 1 spot open :exclamation:

Feel free to try to get into HardToKill :exclamation:

I will do my best to answer all questions you have :exclamation:



stands for playing with …

  • Heart :heart:

  • Brain :brain:


  • Honor