HardToKill Official Recruitment Post


Also, I have 3, almost 4, mythical items.


A mythical windigo, two mythical malice beams, and a backbreaker at lvl 40/40. Just need three more legendaries. Two if you count the kraken I am getting up for mythical food.


I’m not a member of this clan,but I’m afraid to say that you don’t qualify.
HTK is a top clan and new members should keep at least a constant rank 3.


oh… nvm then :sweat::disappointed_relieved::sob:


Only rank 1 player can join us


Mate, send me a PM and I’d like to see if I can send you something for your travels.


If you live on Africa or somethin,then i feel you,it’s kinda sad to hear about that sad news of your country.
Hopefully you’ll find better one,good luck as always.


459 wins / 696 battles
66% win-rate

Reign Reforged
711 wins / 1214 battles
59% win-rate

1709 wins / 3083 battles
56% win-rate

Thank you HardToKill being most effective Clan :exclamation:




Congratz everyone. Afterall HTK Rocks!!!


We are hard to kill aint we. :kissing_heart:


La pauvreté de la punchline
OH my gosh


We dont have a bridge, i do what i can…


Also you guys don’t need to hide under @lordgorgon … xD


You won’t be getting one either


Turning the knife in the wound aint ya… then what? Salt?