HardToKill Official Recruitment Post


im not. i just never seen yeet in game so im not sure. chill


Just thought I’d stop by and again say thanks for having been invited to HTK a while back. It’s been fun, it’s been interesting, it’s been an honor to play with you guys.

Great team we have, great family we are.

Hugs and kisses to all. Especially @lordgorgon @misfit @HappyPoppers @TheBlackMan and the love of my life (blush) @bestplayerintheworld

More fun we will keep having. Cheers everyone.


For you @lordgorgon my French bro :kissing_heart::frog:

Since you’re all hot and heavy now LOL


We have 1 spot open (an inactive member), so feel free to ask …

Requirements …

  • Black Skull Rank end of season / weekly tournament

  • friendly and nice character

  • will to win


stands for playing with …

  • Heart :heart:

  • Brain :brain:


  • Honor



Hi Im recently out of a clan and lookong for a new one. I would be interested in joining htk. I end at rank 3 or 4 every season. These are my boyos:

Even if htk doesn’t have any spots avaliable, I’d happily join another good clan.


Try trolls fast, Reign Forever


yo tengo mucho pero mucho tiempo para jugar pero mi mechs no es lo suficiente bueno soy rango 11


I can do better, i have 2 maxed claws, 1 maxed plate and 1 lv 21 plat plate, and alot of other Op items


Yeah i know. For others getting l-ms is like clockwork. Its hard for me to get them


We did it again …

Clan Gold Medal / Clan tournament win Nr. 65 :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

Thank you HardToKill that I can be part of this Clan … :gift_heart: HardToKill :exclamation:


stands for playing with …

  • Heart :heart:

  • Brain :brain:


  • Honor



always a pleasure fighting alongside you guys.

HTK all the way


Могу я присоединиться? Я играю каждый день


dear clan, this is not a trip I’m going to look for a new life in another country and I do not know how long I’ll be inactive, I’m sorry but my country is dying in poverty, poverty, lack of food and medicine etc … I’m sorry guys someday we’ll see each other, thanks for all i love you clan, the best clan of the world, bye


Sad to hear this. Which country do you refer to? And where are you headed?

Whatever the case, I wish you well, and safe travels.


Sad thing. Dont give up on your life mate,keep it up and good luck.
Your damn peesident was in turkey last month eating a 500$ steak in salt bae place. No words for such arses…


I will go alone as a backpacker I do not have money to go by bus, I will leave my family and I will go to Colombia and maybe Ecuador, I do not know, brother I know I will be walking many days with some friends who also decided to leave here


Find a U.S embassy and ask for help! :slight_smile:


Sad to hear that, I know it’s terrible his country and it’s important to say your family at least worry. I wish you good luck


Hope you can go to a great place and have a good work to get your wage or salary


I wouldn’t be able to join, would I? I manage an average of rank 11 with 4 stars to 10 with 4 stars, am at rank 100 in campaign, and have 1181 hp. I consider myself a worthy player. If you need any pictures of my mechs, I will be happy to post them. I hope I can join. It would be a major honor.