HardToKill Official Recruitment Post


“HardToKill” is seeking new member who fit the following profile.

  • Understands the current meta-game and plays adaptability

  • Adhere’s to the game’s TOS.

  • Friendly, Active, Social, Competitive.

  • Most importantly! Have fun!

If you are interested please leave a post describing why you think you should be a part of HTK.

Also do not pm the poster about joining the clan, Post here.

From the clan "Littlelost your lost"
My farewell from the forum

I am just wondering, is a member being kicked?? What happened?


Nothing happend !

If you are used to do clan-work (and it is really work if you want to hold your clan in top 3), many things can happen …

  • a player goes on vacation

  • a player needs time to study

  • a player have to work more

  • a player needs to do family things

  • a player loses his house and has a family (we had this case)

  • a player breaks his both legs at work (we also had this)

  • a player is not able to win enough

  • etc.

Many possible cases, sometimes changes are needed.



^^ I like this hehe !



I see! Thank you for explaining :slight_smile:


Btw who is the real Leader? Where is Happypoppers i mean real happypoppers.

No offense.


Happy is the real leader, as usuall. Reiko and me help him a little bit !

I see no problem with that, do you ?


Good bye

It was made at request of poppers. =p So it is irrelevant as to who makes this post. I was actually the leader for htk for awhile before bago left and handed it to poppers.


Can I join?
I’m pretty ok…


I have yet to join HTK… i was in reign… and some other top clans… but the new update killed me…


can i join?

i am rank 1 but oscillate between 1 and 2


can i join?
i was rank 1 before the update
i’m playing this game since 2014
i’m a F2P player
i’m grinding a lot after the update
my mech is quite ok :slight_smile:


Please add your IGN and I’ll have poppers peek at you.


my ign : ImmortalHunter


Nothing i have is fully fused …


Hey all! A reminder that this topic is purely for recruiting new prospective members. If you have a clan already do not post anything not related to topic.


and? can i join ^-^




Great saying, other clans can learn from that !




Do I have a good character? :smiley: