HardToKill Fanart


@HappyPoppers and @ReiMuBots


… I am your fan :exclamation:


Random ideas which may change the game a bit

Big fan too.
Miss the Steven from early 90s.


Just look at him will you:


His t-shirt is weird, but I guess that was “in” at that time :interrobang:
(and the white socks)


But I :heart: the training setup :exclamation:



Mason is Hard to Kill, fits the requirement:


Other quotes from the movie (some are real crazy):


I like the last one most :exclamation:



That’s disgusting friend. Whatever’s wrong with you is no little thing.


i thought that you guys would like a song ,that could be your anthem XD
everyone is soo beautiful (as frank said )

i mean you have wallpapers,fan art,why not an anthem ?


Dont insult my king


how hard to kill when he DOES not have platinum shield.


My dad told me that white socks were OP back in the 80’s. If any other color were worn you were likely socked , sorry mocked oops.


ok… people start making weird shit fanart that don’t even related to the game -.-


Was absolutely OP, your dad knows his stuff.
Some other strange things were OP too in fact.
Sample 1: