Hardened platinum west

is hardened platinum west worth upgrading?
I just got it from the pickups on the map and don’t know should I use it or not. or just use it as an upgrade item for mythical avenger or archimode.

Don’t use it to upgrade avenger or archimonde, never use premium items for upgrading unless you’re CleverName. As for HPV, it’s good for energy builds or a troll mech because of its high energy resist, but has bad energy stats while having good heat stats. So yes.


Unless you have a Monkey or any other real torso,definitely.

It’s still an A-tier torso,although the worst one out of the best kind of torsos.


my grimreaper is mythical for energy mech.
also have brutality which is mythical for heat mech.
so i am gonna use it for physical mech.

tell me should i use it instead of archimode.

In terms of upgrading it, I would put it at a 2/10 in terms of priority. Really only use it for specifics raids and maybe clan war attacks, that’s about it. I wouldn’t food it unless you have enough copies for each mech (3); also good not to food L-Ms because you never know how the next rebalance will go

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Grimreaper is good up to mid tier because of its energy stats, yet lacks HP, so it’s ok.

that means i am just gonna keep it. in case i need it. otherwise it will be of no use.

Try using windigo for energy if you don’t want to use HPV, and zarkares for heat.

so i should shift to windigo instead of grimreaper for my energy mech

Yes, but you need to put more energy modules. It gives more health.

For example,


You get better energy stats but less heat stats plus more health.

what do you mean by monkey?

Fractures Heat Armor,Rusty Energy and Hollow Spectral.

The big,ugly yet extremely good torsos.


that beneficial, thanks

and how to search this sandbox to test different combinations.

i once found it accidentally but can’t find it again.

that is a very lovely torso in case of stats.

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you dont know when it will be, im waiting since months with 3 purifier and more in inventory

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You should always keep L-M items.

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