Hardcore Battle mode


I got an idea to make SM a non pay2win game and at the same time very profitible to the developers.

A hardcore battle is a fair battle mode, even more fair than LOL, Becoz the player can only build their mechs instantly with the given randomly generated set of items ( like 100 items). So the player need to choose 10-15 items from the available set wisely and strategically in order to build the best Mech.

Playing a round of hardcore mode match requires the players to place 10 tokens. The loser will lose the 10 token. And, the winner will get only 15 tokens (not 20).
That means if you win, you can earn 5 token. But if you lose, you lose 10 tokens. (Maybe not the right number, just an example)

The rule is different from normal ladder battle.

For every match, the system generate a random set of 100 items. The algorithm should be smart enough to randomly generate, for example 10 random torso, 25 random weapon, etc.

The resulting set of items will be samely given to both players in their temporary wardrobe before the match.

So both players will have 3 minutes time limit to build their mech with those available items. (They can only choose from the randomly generated items in the wardrobe, not from any of their usually owned items.)

After 3 minutes or both confirming to start. They will enter the match.

An important note here, the core game of supermehs will still be the existing ladder battle arena. So after you win the tokens in hardcore battle, perhap you would be interested to buy better weapons.
Because only normal ladder battle can affect your rank, and have something to do with the clan or player ranking.

Playing or losing the hardcore mode does Not affect your ladder rank. And it does not affect the existing ladder rank syatem or existing ladder list or exiating clan contest etc.
(Hardcore =/= ladder)

(Optional )The Hardcore mode result could be recorded in a separate list: with info like hardcore mode kill/lose ratio etc. This is just for reference and just for fun :slight_smile:

If player earn token, they can spend them to buy better weapon and compete better in the core ladder game.
This is one of the motives of playing hardcore mode.

Advantage of the idea:

  1. This is a 100% “intelligent” game mode. where player have to rely on their smartness and skill to build the best Mecha out of the given item. And since the generated items will be samely available to both players in the temporary wardrobe, there will be no pay2win / OP problem anymore, no more luck. It is 100% fair and strategic.

So pro players with true skill can then go from rag to rich without buying thousands of token. And newb players will take the lesson and try to play harder. Haha… lots of fun.

  1. Tacticaoft can still be profitable (or possibly even more profitible)

Because every harcore mode battle requires 10 token fee, and the winner can only get back 15 token. So people will spam tokens for playing hardcore battle mode :slight_smile:

If we successfuly attract people who hate pay2win game, we can get much more players

People sometimes reject app game Becoz they think these are pay2win, non-intelligent or for kids only. That makes a lot of good, old players here feel dumb and bored eventually and maybe want to quit. I once even get teased by my friend because they see this game is just a meanimgless luck game without intelligence. That makes me feel so himiliated and want to quit.

Therefore, making the game intelligent can greatly increase the player’s loyalty to SM, making us want to come back to play SM more.

This can also make us more willing to share SM to our peers and friends. Because, most of my friends in my age love intelligent game and severely hate pay2win game.

I will tell them this is the only Intelligent and non pay2win game in app store. we can have chance to play 100% strategy only battle. Then, maybe Tacticsoft can attract another group of gamers in the market - elder teens, smarter kid and people who love hardcore game. And? More downloads. More profit.
Just like LOL. A beloved 100% skill / strategy-only game. Contest is hosted eveywhere,. It is an “e sports” It is a fair game. Just like that, SM hardcore mode can also be an e-sports just because it is fair.

My wish is, with this, existing player will love it a lot more, SM can be more profitable, and even able to hold some popular online contests worldwide. That is the culture I like.

I hope SM can become a very profitable and, at the same time, a fair and competitive game, which is a thing rarely found nowadays in app store.




so this is draft battle. People get random items and can use only them in the battle. However, almost no people are used to make good mech fast, and result of a single battle would be highly dependand on luck.

better thing would be longer thing like tournaments. Draft tournament woul allow ppl time to make their mech and also would increase accuracy of prize giving - instead of single battle, each player would have multipe battles, which would define his rank more correctly. Idea is startng with set amount of rating points, getting rating for wins, losing for defeats and trying to get as much rating as possible

top 1%, top 5%, top 10%, top 25% and top 50% in rating get different rewards - different % sharing of prize pool (that pool being 60-100% of entry fees every participant pays) and probably also some bonuses for highest ranks (myphical/golden/silver boxes, power kits)


Not just the app store sadly, but on PC too (and most likely console as well)…