Hard stuck on rank 9


This is a serious issue, I don’t give a damn about rewards. The system we have for arena is garbage I am hard stuck on rank 9 due to smurfing accounts and that is making me slowly become one of the smurfs without even wanting to… As I am working on my second full myth mech…

There has to be a change NOW!


If you genuinely cannot progress you are by definition not a smurf.


Agreed, but I don’t think I’d be helping the problem if I have two (probably not the most effectively built Mechs) that are fully mythed and thus obliterating people with 1 or 2 myth items


You have all items and all mods mythed?


Max mythed or only mythed?


i was rank 10-8 there a had 1 fully mythed mech and a half mythed energy mech about 3 months ago i started playing again and now my 2nd mech is almost completly mythed. I am about rank 5-7 right now.

CONCLUSION! just quit yer whining and gid good and gid grinding m8!


Don’t worry dude, I use to stuck on rank 10 and never progress like you but yesterday…I finally make a progress to rank 7(Not for so long)

(My English sucks)


I play just with 2 myths ( there are maxed ) and i reach rank 9 full stars


Main mech is all mythed, max


i think you have to change your builds


I think you are not looking at the problem.

There are so many smurfing accounts farming easier wins for clam rewards that arena is Garbage, as I was climbing I kept seeing a lot of absurdly powerful people:

500+ Energy
500+ heat
70+ resistances in all

Full black Mechs

The issue is that you get this same accounts winning against you because they are clearly much higher ranked (if they played fair) as well as giving you insta wins for the sake of de ranking

It throws off the whole system


So wait, you are saying the is a bump in rank 10 as there is in rank 16?


Oh buddy, the bump is all the from rank 16 up to rank 7


Oh. Once I got arena rank sixteen I steadily moved to rank average 10-11, where I am now. Weird.


Show your mechs


So if you want to be good like lordgorgon or bestplayer or like me.

Just throw all your money into this game but before you do that. You need a lots of hours into this game. Play every single day for at least 2 hours. You’ll get to Rank 4+ in no time @ingenium92


from what i see he is rank 9 trying to be better not a rank 4/5 wannabe top


I versed Yas on rank 15 on another account, isnt he like a rank 1-5?


Isn’t it solely because you have those rocket launchers? I just reached 9 for the second time. I am finally a solid 10.


Could we see your builds?