HappyPoppers now here to run things


Ok I doubt I make it long on this forum before getting banned. Most stuff I got to say right now are negative. I will try my best to hold off but no guarantee :wink:

Im the candy man, sugar dealer and go by sweet daddy as street name. Pimp and webmaster since 1998.

I been playing game for awhile now but last 6 months everything seem to go downhill :frowning:

Maybe it get better, I hope, but idk

Seems like nobody listen to what the players want in supermechs.

Everybody on the game think im crazy cause I talk about Erin but when i join affiliate program a year or so ago. Someone named Erin write me a welcome automatic letter, but since I never hear a word from him. He not answer e-mails or anything. If he is affiliate manager I think he do a very bad job. Do any of you know Erin ?

I even see sarah post on another thread. Is this same sarah, fluxeon talk about ?

Ok if you have any questions ask below…I answer them all :slight_smile:


I never heard from Erin… :confused:


You work there ?

Who is affiliate manger ?


@HappyPoppers No…
And I think it’s Sarah


She is infamous on SuperMechs lol


Hello HappyPoppers,

Sorry to hear of your experience.

The manager of our affiliate program is named Eran actually, his email is eran (at) tacticsoft.net and I will also point him to this thread. Please understand he is very busy, the email may have gotten lost or perhaps ended up at the wrong address.

We also had a change from email provider, which obviously doesn’t help. My apologies for any confusion!

As for Sarah, she is the community manager for Super Mechs and a very nice person. Don’t worry, they read everything. :slight_smile:


Yes, they read everythingggg

Nothing is safe


What do u mean u never heard from Erin? Me and him talk pretty frequently.