🎆 💥 🎉 Happy New Year 🎉 💥 🎆


Nothing for the boys this year?? :frowning:


why are people commenting on an old dead post from last year january


make new post please


Chear up, things sometimes take time to come, u dont see my complaining XD

This isnt toxic,plz no flag


Nah I have one.
I try best :v
Hope won’t be flagged :v


Can a regular member please bring this topic back to “General Discussions” , because …

… some people have nothing better to do, than to try to “damage” others :exclamation:



I still will, cant remember where i put my phone, looks like it will have to me a Chrome book taken photo XD


Thanks a lot @Muhd_Boci :exclamation:




Exactly 1 hour until New Years for NZ


Wait I just relize new year is last year cause
0:00 is time of last year and is time of new year too and new year count from 0:00, last year end in 0:00 so new year and last year is same.


Almost, we still have 2 more minutes and till 1 hour
Now 1


Also …

@Sarah247 @Berserk40000 @Smirk @Mohadib @SilverBox @Alexander @Fluffeh and @Malicewolf

:fireworks: :boom: :tada: Happy New Year :tada: :boom: :fireworks:
:fireworks: :boom: :tada: ****** 2019 ****** :tada: :boom: :fireworks:
:fireworks: :boom: :tada: ******* :slight_smile: ******* :tada: :boom: :fireworks:


Happy New Year Everyone!

Huh, My computer time must be wrong…

I check my Ipad…yeah, my computer time is wrong…


Well i havent got much sleep lately, so midnnight is easy for me XD, i lose track of time when im farming
Last 6 nights fell asleep at 5am woke up at 9 am


So colourful,


You already sound like a HardToKill member :exclamation:




Damn, I usually fall asleep at 11:00pm and that’s really late for me…


Awwwwwww, Thx Besty :smiley: :blush:
Ima be afk, gotta find a nice spot for a photo


Who’s besty :v