Happy New Year SM community


Happy New Year everyone.May God bring Happiness,Joy & Prosperity in your Life.God bless you all and may SM team bring New Toros,side weapons,Top weapons and Gears in game.Again wish u all a great year ahead…


Yep. I knew it. Someone would make this post.


What? There’s a rule about what topic make and what not? ohhh, i didn’t knew about that :open_mouth:


Happy New Year to you too Mechy! God Bless!!! I hope you get some good gear! :smiley:


Happy New Year Mechy!!!

Same to you @cousin_joe


Thanks sean hope you have wonderfull year ahead


Thanks joe may you also got your desire items in SM this year


Dudu i think i really surprise you.Next time create this topic before me.Happy New year


Nope, but there is the rule that you should search for threads with the same topic before creating a new one.
Ife @Mechy would have looked for that he would have found that there is already a thread for Happy New Years:


Hmm Destroy i really want to involve everyone and make everyone feel like we are one community who fight whole year but also have time wish each other when required…


Read my post about 1 second earlier directly posted before yours.
That is what Destroy meant.


I was writing that time so forget to read your comment…Happy New year Cloudedsunrise


hqppy new year!!!:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


I was talking about @destroy8839III talking about not making such topics… You can do all the topics you want my friend, and btw, HAPPY NEW YEAR :smiley:


What I meant was that someone, if not me, would, at some point, make a thread of happy new years. Nothing wrong with that, actually quite happy about that. Sorry for the misunderstanding. :wink: