Happy In A Sad Way (L. Vinquenzo)

I empathize so much with the noise
Outside,I can’t ignore
So I learned to look,in silence
That’s why I’m always at home
I shut myself from all the anger
Cause I seem to love too much
And I don’t know any better,
Everything I feel,I touch.

Placing myself into danger
To keep you away from it
And now one will ever figure
How I felt or what I did
But it makes no difference to me
Because I’ll forever know
And those smiles on your faces
Will remind me furthermore.

I’ll give you two halves of myself
Just so I can see you whole
Please share the other with someone
So that you’re never alone
I’ll look from afar,from here
And I’ll cherish your laughter
I won’t be,nor interfere
That’s the only thing I’m after.

In this life,I can but give
As I know I’ll never see
All I wanted to receive,
So why don’t you have it for me?
If it can make your day better
Then you bet that so will mine
Do not worry,I will treasure
More than what I left behind.

It may hurt,but if it helps you,
Then please have it,I insist
All I want is just one gesture
To show me that I exist.
In exchange,I’ll give you my soul
Just so you can fix up yours
Then you will stand tall and know that
You will open many doors.

Many doors behind which I’m not
While I’m here,in my corner
But knowing you’d remember me would
Suddenly make the walls warmer
Lonely,looking back and seeing
How you’re lively every day
I never imagined I’d feel so
Happy in such a sad way.


hey that’s really good!


lake does slam poetry?



is this a goodbye thread

Good work, that’s awesome! I love it! Spoken by a broken soul, made immortal by the harshness of this world, now just watching for far away. Keep up the awesome work, Lake <3

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Awwwey <3

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