Happy friday people - the bar is open and in this town, we leave the guns outside


>at a shitty halloween party even though its 5 days till halloween
>not evenm drunk even though Im through half my rum

what do?


You can come tricker treating at our house on Halloween…extra loot if you are dressed as a PHY mech!!!


Went to the rugby like promised

Is there anything better than beer and cards?


Eyy let’s play, I’ll bet 50$


Who vs who?


I’ll bet 10c


ill bet 11c


Edinburgh v Scarlett (welsh)


Because of reasons, the bar is open early today.
For those who might think “the fak, its morning, i shouldnt drink just yet”; my wyse grandfather used to say “you cunmt, its 17 oclock somewhere in the world, drinking is legit, sigh, whats wrong with this pussi generation”

Morning armagnac is on me:



I preserve my brain and my liver for tomorrow
France vs South Africa

Today i’am straight

Edit : Damn, a beer pop up from my fridge
I can’t leave her alone :beer: :beers:


Pffff, ils ont rapelè samahi derniere minute et ils vont meme pas laligner.
Ils ont peur quil se fasse sanctioner en melee…
Voleurs de poules…


En selection, ils sont dessus en permanence (alors que le gars c’est une table en chêne massif…il bouge pas l’animal)
Sont chauds les sudaf, ils peuvent nous manger en 1ere mi temps…

A voir…

enfin c’est toujours un bon prétexte pour une grosse bouffe avec les potes…c’est déja ça d’gagner…

A+ poulet


i think some of you guys know but its have been a nice time with you guys but i wont be able to see you guys much any more
so it will be my last week here so lets enjoy the time we have left together :smile:


It has been a fun ride. Be well young friend.


Just eated some cevapas and some fries,oh and also onion.

It was delicious as hell.
Cheers lads.


It’s Friday. I’m working as always . Drink one for me at break neck pace . Stay classy San Diego


I got a pizza and some cheap peach champagne.Good shit.


Ladies and gentlemen,
Bar opens early today since i need to respond @Rovolution call for battle.
Feel free to bring your stuffs and home made moonshine for we love everything.

People, happy friday.


ima bring the vodka.


Please bring shooter glasses too.
Last time @Misfit as a proper Scottish man broke all of ours on his forehead to respond a challenge issued by an Irish man.
Was an bloody sight, we loled.