Happy friday people - the bar is open and in this town, we leave the guns outside


I’m Irish… Anything you guys want?


The band is ready


How i imagine myself visiting good mate @Miron_Mironovich with a couple of city raised friends:


@OSS117 “elle est goutu” :slight_smile: culte


“This has to be drunk in one go,
otherwise its burns the tongue”

French hospitality


thank you friend - despite some problems I could not smile laugh-this video does not need text … and it reminds me very much of my year-round trip to the mountains and a sample of therapeutic tinctures on the lizards of a local healer.:slight_smile:


Happy friday people…


Good day. I wrecked Frawatuet today. Good way to start the day. Flex, drink, dance , IM OUT .


I had a similar experience with another rr member. Jumped from 140AP to 156 and retired lmao.

Also I bought a tennents rugby pint glass today

You can’t make out the picture very well with current drink level but oh well.


Good memories. Any good games incoming this week end?


Nothing good but I’m headed down to Edinburgh in a fortnight to catch a game. Forget whose playing but I don’t really give a ■■■■.

I still regret not putting money on Scotland vs England in the last 6 nations. Everyone said I was a fool for saying Scotland would take it but we done it.


Always goods to beat them aint it.


Better shot


I like the ghostly beer player from the first shot .


Happy friday people, drink irresponsibly.


i thought this thread was dead :grin:


its revived every friday


oh yay what are we talking about today


Its mainly about alcoholic beverages, beaches and blank memories.


Weed is now legal in Canada so come and get high in our cold weather :stuck_out_tongue:


Its planned for 2019 mate… :slight_smile:. That and maybe the epic boat race during the festival… received some challenges.