Happy friday people - the bar is open and in this town, we leave the guns outside


Come on…shake your body f+++ing Pilots :sunglasses:


But but but… mate, it aint friday


For some people it is always Friday :exclamation:



Don’t care…fu+King RTT


Our boi Gojira is living the french dream… yeeeeeeee… opened a cold one out of solidarity


My boss “tu fais trop d’heures”, “j’peux pas toutes te les payer, prends des jours s’te plait”
OK Day off, thx and kiss


But for some people it is close to a friday as they might have a holiday tomorrow.


can i drincc?i mean i will get brain dmg but it wouldnt make a difference


Its that day of the week again people.
For the opening, the house proposes you a turkish delicacy.
Happy friday

Ps: i learned the language with this. Nice stuff


SOME vodka should help my deppresion happiness go up by 100%


anyways i brough something too


yeah!!, happy hour for 24 hours



make your stomach cry out of happiness with this meal i got you all!


I stay local :sunglasses:


beer+turkey = good combo :beers::turkey:


Drinking the wife beater beer Stella Artois tonight.
Don’t ask me why I chose Stella. I don’t know why I chose Stella. I mildly regret choosing Stella.


Anything is good today!





by @The_Yo_Yo_Man 's cuz he can’t post :slight_smile:
(that is rakija)


Ladies and gents, its friday, rejoyce. Pretty taxing week, these large quantities of alcoholic beverage will do good.