Happy friday people - the bar is open and in this town, we leave the guns outside


Special troll stool ? But I have three well rounded mechs now…


Are you at or above the legal age for consumption of alcohol?

If not, get out of the bar before someone kicks you out lol

Come we shall drink sparkling water together as fellow little kids


i do root beer and to a sip of wine but thats as far as i have gone yet


Omg! You’re hilarious, dankmementos.


If I’m correct, @Brennankawamura lives in Hawaii in which the laws are similar to the likes of New Zealand where you are allowed to drink at any age but you can not purchase alcohol until you are 18. Thus, if alcohol is given, then you are legally allowed to drink.

Come, NZ is the place for sullen young men like you who have only tasted nothing more than sparkling water and the occasional Ginger Beer where you prance and pretend you are drunk.


i love this part hahahahahahaha

very true i guess so then i have to have someone buy it for me but then i can drink it never thought of it like that
so yay i can participate


i would like to drink(but then i remember that i am underage
(and the worst part is that my granpa owns a liquor store and home-made distillery)


Send liquor chocolates please…!!! I love it…!!!


well venezuelan chocolate is good
so liquor chocolate must be very good here


I don’t know Venezuelan… I like Swiss…


You’re absolutely right, Swiss chocolate is considered the best in the world. (As it is not if they have a long tradition dating back centuries, I do not remember if it is from the 16th or 17th century.)

However, today the best are no longer in Switzerland or Belgium or Denmark. the best ones are in america. Ecuador, including Uruguay also without forgetting Mexico.

what makes Venezuela famous is that the best chocolate in the world is made with Venezuelan raw material ie Venezuelan cocoa.


i see you know much about chocolate


I am venezuelan.

But I went to a chocolate fair here in Panama and learned some things. others I already knew.


if i remember correct, the mayans invented chokolate (even the name comes from them) but it was a spicy brew not sweet like today…


These days, 60+% of the world cacao is produced in ivory coast. Helps you read the geopolitical shet going on in the country these last 15 years. Pretty good business.

Last century, Belgian chocolate have been quite the delicacy, Congo being a private property of their king back then guaranted best supplies…


u drunk now get home


wait fpahlmnan ask you ok


So long for the historical approach.

-> chocolate. Yes its gOod


This saloon needs music :yum: