Happy friday people - the bar is open and in this town, we leave the guns outside


Collecting the grape and making wine in Ancient Egypt.

The most common drink in Ancient Egypt was beer. The wine was only reserved for the upper class. In the Tomb of Tutankhamon a very fine cherry wine was found.



And this was the consequence of drinking a lot of wine.



i dont think get to join in because i am to young :disappointed_relieved:


A glass of wine a day is healthy and recommended by doctors. In its just measure is good.

A glass of wine is better than being in the presence of smokers, going out and breathing smog, eating hamburgers on macdonald or visit fast food restaurant…


So people sobered up or what???


Not started yet tonight… But might be drinking this: :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice upcoming material mate. Looks pretty dutch… interesting combination for sure.
Shall we assume its on the house tonight???

In any case cheers to you ol’ sport


Seriously ive been told youve got some Basque blood, hence the choice here… to no avail


bar night in Spain,
a very long time ago, I remember that I drank

large glass
red wine, whiskey, lemonade
and much ice

was good


Sounds absolutely disgusting Gros. Definitely my kind of drink.
To @bestplayerintheworld advices, on friday eves, im on white russian. Vodka, gin, cofee liquor and milk… find something more disgustimg, ill wait


I know but
over there there taste was excellent.

in night box really crazy dingue

I order coca whiskey ,
so barman puts much whiskey ,
he poses coca ,
impossible to put coca lol

compared to France really little whiskey and expensive


I wish wed meet uo with some of the mates around. Would be an evening to remember for sure


Stopped in to say hello, hola, salut, hallo, zdravo, marhabban, aloha, etc. Drink one for me please .


Zdravo :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


i have a question am i to young to participate in this?


Someone knows the “Fernet”…??


Ive drink so many high quality wine and champagne this week that I’m bored of it lol… post wedding week…

I’m having a miller beer tonight to balance things out lol!

Cheers everybody!


will some one answer my question


@lordgorgon am I kicked out of the bar now ?


The oposite mate. Youve got the special spot here trol master.