Happy friday people - the bar is open and in this town, we leave the guns outside


Heard that some girls like this type of lil’ bois…
Why not i say.


C"est sûr qu"avec le raisin je m’éloigne des clichés francais…lol
Une mixture fermentée de couilles de caribou me parait assez opportun


Ca sonne local…
Jaime le local.

2 doigts syou plait


Last week besty advised me to drink a lot of milk to counter effects of alcohol.
Went for the withe russian. Didnt work too well.


Only the inner values count :exclamation:




Ce thread de poches à gnôle sérieux

GojirA aime ça :rofl:


Concept “friday sac a vin”


Do you guys like beer? If so, i can bring it :blush:


If somebody says no, ill take elcent in for some bans.


of course mate



So, in a bar we are, bar discussion it is.
How oftenly do you people wake up in an unknown place, with unknown people.?



Let us all keep in mind that alcohol is technicaly a solution.


I try to drink just the enough for it not happen, as i usually drink away from home… The long walk help to dissipate the alchohol :joy::joy::joy::joy:


You killed someone? Just drink all the way XD


Several times when i was young (damn it’s not my wallpaper, who change the toilets place…)
but now i"m an old person…


Good memories of lack of memories…
Too old too


I thought your wife was the one who had them xD
Kidding :stuck_out_tongue:


And she has a nicer body than before kids… she thinks she got fatter so she’s working out like hell!

She’s the definition of a MILF :wink:


Same happened here. Living the dream