Happy friday people - the bar is open and in this town, we leave the guns outside


So its friday. World is still a bad place. Alcohol still solves most problem.
Dont be shy, come in.
Cabaret show starts at 23.00.

@Marija bring the rakija, @bestplayerintheworld bring the shnaps, @Mordulec bring this banana liquor shet (after 10 glasses its drinkable), @Misfit the wiskey is on you.


Oi oi.
I live in Serbia…i can bring it up if you want.


Ill take it. Love this stuff. Just synchronise with goldy not to bring the same flavor.


Oh what a company :slight_smile:
I ll bring the apricotte one, hope you like it and survive it


i bring the Cognac



Even the “secret backup” gun is forbiden gold Marija… Apricot? Yes plize


Smells like home…
Oui sil vous plait


I dont like to promote Alcohol, for several reasons, but for you @lordgorgon I make an exception …

  • typical Austrian Rum for drinking tea in the winter …

I *heard" some are drinking Cola-Rum

… be sure to have a lot of tea or Cola at home, if you wanna try :exclamation:

Typical Austrian (from Tirol, famous for Skiing) Herbs “Schnapps” …




ici on va passer au “cognac d’apéro” dans peu d’temps ça va charboner!!
En te souhaitant une bonne soirée
La bise vieille chenille


What do I need to bring?

If invited of course!


Seems to me like a “ill definitely test this”


Toi tu commence a me plaire.
La bise poulet.


Weed is gonna be legal in a month in Canada… so I may invite you all :stuck_out_tongue:


Rovo doesnt need for an invitation for Rovo opens all doors.
Would absinthe happen to be legal up there?. If yes, thats your answer.


It is legal but it’s a diluted version of what you could find in Europe…


to bring …



That was me before I had kids lol


Hi Rovo
Do you have typical alcohol, like something with maple?


O le vilain cliché…
Ca, deux cariboux rotis et un palet de hockey svp Rovo


Oh yes absolutely!
But I have my own recipe :wink:

Coffee + aged Rhum + maple syrup is a delight!