Happy children s day XD


No matter how old you are if you feel like a kid,you are one,so stay innocent and happy as much as you can,and always see the world trough child eyes XD

See every challenge as a new adventure :))

And don t forget to play XD

Have a good day!


No ! Lol…me so innoxcent boi

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congratulations to 95% of the members who live daily in the forum, since they are in this age range. those who still do not discover that there is a life out on the street.

congratulations forum SM.

Keep all that hate and toxicity and frustration out of it,just because it s off topic it does not mean that you got to spam it ,cya


what are you talking about? I do not understand what you mean?. Most of the players are children, they do not even have the age to go out alone to the street. There is nothing wrong with that. What toxicity do you speak? I do not understand anything. I think you should relax these premeditated. relax, and eat a snickers !!

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you said that 95% out of this community are some kind of home schooled kids which can t get out of house

I’d have to say you’re wrong about 95% of players being kids. There are quite a few older players.

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most of the top 50 are people beyond 20

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He probably meant that 95% of the forum are immature still. This I would agree.


Happy children’s day!!

Everyone is a child at heart.

What a boring life you have if you expect sophistication in a place like this and tell kids that they are kids just cause you’re an “adult”

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At least somebody gets the spirit

yeah flexing that you are an adult on a flash game forum xD yeah boiiiii


That. That might be true.

Ah, I think I know what ShadowOfDeath is saying now. First, he congratulated the kids on the forum for Happy Children’s Day. Next, he implied that the kids are spending a lot of time on the forum, therefore, robbing them from experiencing life outside the forum.

He didn’t mean anything toxic. Like he said:

As ShadowOfDeath said, everyone eat some Snickers!


Enjoy! Be happy!

Hahaha, that lady certainly looks happy.