Hammers & Axes Poll


You failed to add that the claws can fire a 600-damage missile, or when the claw kicks can break -20 of resistance



You did not understand the point, if the axes and hammers can now attack rank 2 then it will implicitly move the claws.


< - 100 HP





#FeelMyMythPlate counter movement


Making Hammer/Axe have range 2 would be redundant as they would be the same as the swords then. giving them a better knockback would diversify and make for more strategy options.
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Me gusta pensar
< Las hammer empujen más
< Las axe quiten resistencia y no usen energía en lugar de empujar o tener más rango


Nerf Seraph?
This blade is already a little useless as it is.If they nerf it,I’m definitely fusing mine.


to me this weapon is good as it is. A buff it’s a bit too much




Two thirds in favor of range over knockback?
I would bet that the majority of those voters if not all are Cancerous Gattlin’ users.


Well keep in mind, if hammers/axes got 3 knockback, it’d make it easier for weaver/valiant abusers.

Pretty sure Corinite explained this on kong a day or so ago.


i guess so but maybe 2 knock back for the ax because it wold not make sense


Good old TS… we vote for the range increase and they do the knockback stuff.

1kg old teleport and others
What this game turned into

If you want people to use them more often, increase the weight and eliminate the energy cost. You could leave the range as it is.


Look at the poll.
People asked for more range and they did something different.



I imagine, almost always the same happens. It seems that we speak different languages.


One of the great problems of the game at this moment, is that it´s stuck at the same models of mechs.

There are “standard” mechs models. Once you get the items you need for those uniformed models, you can be months playing with the same thing. And that bores. On the other hand, if you don´t get items like Spartan, Mercy, Magma, Bunker, Valiant … you stop being competitive and play much less. It also bores.

Lately the weapons that they invented, none seems to be very good. Energy costs, for example, eliminate the utility of any weapon.


Shouldn’t the solution be clear now?

Swords 1-2 Range, No Push
Axes 1-2 Range, Push 1
Hammers 1 range, Push 3.

Like right now, excepting the 5kg difference, flaming hammer is just better than terrorblade and given how energy doesn’t like to be close much (that’s where 0 energy weapons are), it’s likely that the coming energy hammer will be better than stormweaver.


I’d say top strategic elements needed are:

  1. LE-M plates, to increase the overall number of players that can compete at the top levels (more players means more variety of tactics and ideas)

  2. Elevating the importance of Position and Movement. Make weapons have different “Sweet Spots” which will revolutionize Mech Design. Currently, picking the handful of weapons with ideal Push/Pull and Wide Range is fairly easy and Cookie Cutter.

  3. 8 Module Setup is pretty standard. Throw in some variety into the Add-on slots to see some more creative and interesting setups…

  • Teleport Slot - Teleport, Switch Device (Mechs switch spots)
  • Drone Slot - Drone, Auto-Turret
  • Charge Engine Slot - Charge Engine, Escape Engine (charges opposite direction, does damage if enemy at Range 1)
  • Shield Slot - Shields, Stealth Device
  • Grappling Hook Slot- Hook, Spear (which creates distance)

With more options available, the 8-module setup becomes less standard