Hammers & Axes Poll


It’s a different poll with an AFTERTHOUGHT choice. They have obviously decided on range 2 use, but just want to know what we think of a 3 knockback instead …afterthought.


Keping myself 2 meat tenederers ready in invetory. Would fit just right on a @Mr.E build :slight_smile: if range 2

@Sarah247 when can we expect this to be enabled?


Range 2 would make them like swords :confused: Would much prefer they had a higher push back. Maybe even a melee weapon that pushed back the enemy as far as possible (till they hit the arena wall)


There was a legacy sword like that, mass deflector, it had 5 knockback



Body seems unclear. Is it a complete sentence?

This is just my opinion


dang i would really want a mass deflector rn to ward off these claw mechs


Buuut… Hammers and Axes are already used by many because they’re good, and swords are not used because they’re not good :confused:


this is pretty cool hammers and axes have always been a little underpowered in reloaded, is anything going to be done to improve some of the useless swords like brightroar too?


I asked in the beginning if they were going to. But I guess the devs aren’t telling Sarah much yet until they’ve decided on what to do.

I’d also assume that with these changes to hammers/axes they’ll take the feed back here for when they give more details on those. Since not everyone seems happy with just buffing them dmg/range wise.




Maybe 1 range and 3 knockback would make it worth.


@Sarah247 check this topic … people did mention alot of things need ‘’ change’'


Swords are useful for Power Rangers to kill monsters, not for SuperMechs battles.
Swords are made to cut skin and flesh, not metal.
Just remove swords & axes from this game and that’s all.
Or add monsters and rename SuperMechs: Pacific Rim.


No se si has visto el sprite hizo maxoz, es un arma de empuje que cambia por completo el concepto de hammer, porque no probar algo diferente.
< El movimiento es similar al de un resorte, una vez lo comprimes y lo sueltas, vuelve a su posición original. Creo el juego necesita algo nuevo, un poco fuera de lo convencional.
MaX Hammer
You have not seen the sprite made by Max, it is a push weapon that completely changes the hammer concept, because not something different.
The movement is similar to that of a spring, once you compress it and release it, it returns to its original position. I think the game needs something new, a little out of the ordinary.


@Sarah247 if so, they should consider regulating the damage, because there will be an imbalance in the use of shotguns + axes-hammers.
that also will give mobility to the claws, increasing the gap of imbalance.


Shhhhhhhh mate :slight_smile:


This is a problem with the Claws, not the melee weapons.



I see it the other way around …

  • Hammers and Axes become better / stronger

  • The Claw should also become better … +100 HP and -30 kg



Yes, Platinum Plating is also in dire need of a buff, -39 kg and +100 hp

Edit: Maximum Protector seems underpowered too, change the resistance to a 50% damage reduction that can’t be negated in any way


You are pointing out very true problems of certain items.
If i may, i would add the weight issue. I have 3 spare protectors that i dont use because of their weight.
Should realisticly be around 15kg if not less.