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that means to think about others
big like theno bro



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imagine a stormweaver with a knockback of 3 perfectly sliding it to the range of a VS. oh god why. on the contrary stormweaver/ash-creator combo would be deadly against heaters but easy pickings for them phys facerollers.

heat axe/desolation combo sounds nice too, and so does the heat axe/crimson rapture one too…

and well phys will just keep on wrecking, and rip seraphblade

edit: ranges are fine as is, knockbacks are fine as is. everything regarding hammers and axes are fine as is. just put a lil dmg boost on those range-2 swords (excl. seraph)


you know what? exes should get the jump 1 smash 1 and hammers should get the knockback 3 with a relatively big damage buff


what about the swords ? why buffing and fixing an already broken item while leaving a prenium item that got nerfed to trash to collect dusts ?


if swords changed to 3range… ok time for the "NinjaMechs":dagger:
and with axes “VikingMechs”


Actually,after some thought, i thought that it would be useless to increase the range on both. The damage buff makes sense though.


hammer push back 3? and that make repulser more usseles


Buff the axe range plz


Listen noob
Axes r not broken and can’t be used often
They need 2 range


magga what is happening


Be respectful when you go to reply. If you can’t be nice then don’t reply at all.


this will make some builds useless…
Whi use a shotgun when you can use an axe, has similar dmg, and more drain/heat dmg…and is 10-14 kg lighter…yep logic…


But it needs energy and it makes less damage as a shotgun. It makes way less damage with the additional arena buffs.
And in my opinion players are using the shotgun because it requires no energy (and knockback) not because of the damage difference.


Its why im planning to ditch the bulldog for a stormweaver ayy lmao


stormweaver : 282 average dmg(min+max/2), 114 drain ,without buffs.
Boldogy : 294 average dmg, 67 drain, without buffs,
With buffs: 338 for storm, with 137 drain Vs 353, with 77 drain.
In my book, the Storm wins, due to the fact that is has higher drain, and can land better averaged dmg on a drained oponend.


Note the fact stormweaver has infinite uses.

Whilst bulldog has 3


I can only see people wanting the axes more than shotguns now lol


Yea but thats energy. The phisical and heat version of hammers do need energy while the shotguns do not.
So out of 3 kind of damage type only in the case of one (energy) is better to use the hammer/axe.


Just a feedback: You ask to buff axes/hammer by either increase range, or increase knockback…

But in the survey you did some days (weeks ?) ago, in the choices, there were only the Range increase, I didn’t see the Knockback increase…

If you really want players to choose between 2 things, at least propose the 2 choices which were at top places in your survey…because to me (am I the only one to feel that way ?), you somewhat lose credibility…^^

(and if you wonder what was the 2nd choice of buffing axes, it was increase Damage with no weight change)