Hammers & Axes Poll


But that is something BrightRoar and HeronMark need,not the axes.


Push 3 is gonna be good for heat mechs

We already have range 2 melee weapons (swords) so don’t see much point in that


Range 2 for axes and hammers?

Jump 1 space closer and attack and push back to distance 2 with that same attack?
What logic is that?

Just no.

If axes and hammers need a buff then increase their push to 2 or 3 but don’t increase their range.

Btw. compared to axes and hammers the real close quarter weapons that need buffs are the energy and heat swords.
They s*ck!!
But those will not be buffed, huh?

[Sarcasm on]
In case TS only buffs weapons that need no buff, then how about buffing Valiant Sniper by granting it a push 1 effect?
[Sarcasm off]

But really why are the axes and hammers getting a buff but the far weaker heat and energy swords are left as they are?


Swords were the other items to be buffed. NOT just hammers/axes. So please, reread the other thread before you go off on a rant about one thing getting buffed first.


this makes a lot of sense because hammers smash so bigger push back but then it might screw up my build


The thing TS needs to do :

Buff - Brightoar , HeronMark & BackBreaker (finally got the name ayyy)
Dont change - StormWeaver & TerrorBlade.

Nerf - SeraphBlade


Well, there was a poll for swords, too, yes.
But where is the thread stating that the swords will be buffed, too?

I have not seen such a statement for the swords like here with the axes and hammers.
Could you please link the thread in a reply to this comment so that I can read that TS really confirms to buff the swords?


Perfect timing to get buffed.

just got this honey today.



Are u sure about that?


I just played myself.

Even then , i just planned out my next killer builds.
Ill go for solo medals in months baby!


I’m waiting for the results.


dAd , you gave me a gift , a legendary energy axe lol


can’t wait for this buff


Your welcome :slight_smile:


Seraph is ok rn, no need to nerf/buff it


I can finally have my (replacement) Mercy!

And it’s better, too, because it has infinite uses. However, it doesn’t fare well with energy.


lucky you great why does every body else get good stuff


Seraph is fine as it is. It’s RNG on damage (even at 20% is so stupidly random that it makes it unreliable at times). Others do need major buffs(BR, BB, HM etc)



I dont know what to say. You will literally create ammoless, 60 something kg shotguns/blades hybrides…
It will once again become a mess in the arena.
But well, might be interesting.
What about the swords? To keep existing theyd need something.
What about shotguns? Weight nerf? Infinite ammo?

This could be fine by me; just wouldnt make sense toward other items.

Ps: hope yall guys have some of these axes/meat tenderer stuffs in inventory.


What box was that?..