Hammers & Axes Poll

We have decided to change the Hammers, and Axes based on our recent poll.
Before we change Hammers & Axes we also want to know what you think about an alternative of giving them a knockback of 3 instead of a range of 2.


  • Hammers and Axes Push 3 (with no weight penalty)
  • Hammers and Axes Range 2 (with no weight penalty)

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Range 2 seems kinda good…

But i recomend to give them more dmg.


Considering that Back Breaker is somewhat a high DPS shotgun in the form of a hammer (dmg wise). Range 1-2 will likely bring it neck and neck with Mercy.

call it the poor mans mercy

Also @Sarah247 my sweet, what about swords? I’d like to know if they’ll get buffs. Kinda wanna use my HeronMark on my heater if it does. c:


What about heat and energy swords?
It looks weak

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improve hammers range,maybe players will start using them in top ranks
sure improve the axes since the swords are quite useless and 99% of them are used as myth food
HERONMARK(L)-----------(46), 1-2Range, 144-232 ExDmg, 58HeatDmg, -7ExRes, Jump 1, (13/50 Cost)


Wait i just realased…if you change swords with 3 range…if 2 range of hammer and axes are added…that would make everyone use mele wepons.

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No information was given about swords getting 3 range.

Only hammers/Axes. These two would benefit pretty well from it tbh, given BB if used correctly is high DPS, same for axes (although some heat builds that rely on push back may need to rebuild or rethink tactics).

and some people use mele weapons, I am one such person

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Just my opinion if axes & hammers are within 2 range…
And if that happens…everyone will use these hammers…that makes me sicc.

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Imo axes should have 2 push AND 2 range… This way heat mechs could have less trouble at range 1-2…

And a question, if you are going to change their range to 2, will they keep their 1 push or you will remove push completly? Cuz this way axes will act just the same way as swords, only the “hidden stats” will make real difference between them.

Range 2 of course. A knock back of 3 would destroy strategy like ash creator + axe

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I don’t want either of the choices.
Hammers and Axes getting the range of a sword?
Just no. I would hate that SO much.
Having it a push of 3 would defeat the purpose of grave diggers as well, but, I don’t want EITHER of these.


Because think, if they were to get you in the range of 2, then they can jump to you and knock you back while you get hit in range 2 while getting hit pretty hard.
(Then again you can counter it with dual nightfall builds, but there can be other ways to counter THAT too. Which I find annoying.)

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This will give Claw users a great advantage for movement. Bring it on …range 1-2!

Backbreaker will become my new favorite weapon LOL.


In fact if you think about it, grave diggers should have explosive damage type. Physicals aren’t the ones who suffer from lack of good items with range 2, heat are.

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Im basically saying.
I don’t like either of these buffs either way (How many times am I saying either today?) because of the fact that in my opinion, these buffs are a bad idea.

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I don’t like them either, I have chosen push 3 just because it will cause less problems for me as a user of (half) F2P heat mech.


@Sarah247 but what about the swords?
If the axes receive a well-deserved buff,shouldn’t swords too?

Maybe 3 for swords and 2 for axes?

Also,swords neeb a buff more that the axes;Heronmark is useless,Seraph isn’t as good as it looks either,BrightRoar is also weak af.
Swords should be the priority here.

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How about neither and increasing damage?
NO to knockback of 3.
Range 2 is fine, but kinda over powered.