Halloween event items for next year

am i the only one who feels this was the worst halloween celebration on a game?
i mean TS if u dont gonna give us nothing even an event at least give us a creepy look to the game for 7 days
so x next year(u have a lot of time) why not include a limited time event (3-5 days) to get some specific items?
to make them hard to get u could make that we have to complete a puzzle in order to get the item
the puzzles would have 9-16-25-36 pieces and each one could be only obtanaible by 2 ways:
1 fortune box on campaign/pvp with a 100% of get a piece on them if u got the fortune box, fortune box would have a 10% to appear, 20% if u buy premium acc
2 completing some quests… hard quests at least x newbies since u preffer them like achieve a 5-15 winning streak on pvp, complete campaign till certain mision(normal give u x1 hard x3 and insane x5 bonus), get certain amount of gold or spend certain amount of gold like 100k

in order to participate u must be at least lvl 20 or 30

would be great funny and at least something cool i mean, an offer of color kits without any perk and we dont even have black paint ._. whats this? a cutie painting game or an insane duel to death with enormous mechs? do u see my point?
Anyway those r some items i know would be great on game and with the Halloween event, the pieces could be used as a special currency they could be buyed with tokens or received as reward

Soul drainer/heart disolver (meelee weapon)
25 pieces
Appearence: a giant scythe with blue/red blade (as the axes but with a scythe xD)
Legendary quality (upgradable to mythical)
75kg weight
7 resistance drain(15 when evolves)
15 regen/15 cooling dmg(50 when evolved to mythical)
88-151 electric/explosive dmg(151-222 when evolves)
drains the 50% of hp dmg dealed to enemy(if u deal 100 dmg u recover 50 hp)
3 uses
1 range
15 energy consumption/15 heat generation(doubles when evolve)

Haunted (torso)
16 pieces
appeareance: a black inverted pyramid with no face just some purple light lines
Epic quality (upgradable to mythical)
333kg weight
333 hp (to 666 then to 999)
3 resistance to all (to 9 then to 13)
99 energy 33 regen (to 131 and 66 then to 191 and 99)
99 heat 33 cooling (to 141 and 66 then to 202 and 99)

Baba yaga (Heat teleport)
36 pieces
appeareance: would be nice appear and disapear with a huge flame instead of just a red teleport
legendary (upgradable to mythical)
25kg weight
30-40 explosive dmg (55-75 after evolve)
20 heat dmg (50 after evolve)
1 use (2 after evolve)
20 heat generation (30 after evolve)

Mooniac side weapon
36 pieces
Legendary (upgradable to Mythical)
55 kg weight
appereance: a canon with a crescent moon, fires energy balls as shockface
5 resistance drain
130-170 electric dmg
75 energy dmg
2 uses
2 knockback
2-3 range
20 energy consumption
5 heat generation

hellmet (torso)
9 pieces
epic (upgradable to legendary)
300kg weight
10 explosive res 5 the others (22 and 11 after evolve)
250 hp (350 after evolve)
50 energy 45 regen( 75 and 55 after evolve)
100 heat 55 cooling (150 and 100 after evolve)

Everything said is at lvl 1 of each quality hope to hear what u think guys


They didn’t even bring back the freakin Punkin Head Torso either WTFH.
Paint kits sale was so so even though it takes up inventory space or I would have got more of them :confused:

Get on the ball TS especially with giving us good maps for 24-72 hours with plentiful items minimum EPIC every few weeks especially beings you just killed all boxes from campaign, not even commons WTH.

Give us options Punkin Head and Realistic Skull Head Torso and possibly Drone Cover :grinning:

dude i completed campaign before update i always do that and never get rewarded
now i feel even worse
i ended full campaign when unluck it cost tokens i didnt get back any of those
i ended full campaign this time i cant get the boxes and first clear bonus now, i didnt get the corresponding lvl up reward from 30-49
i put my ideas here because the game have potential but it looks like devs dont care about making a good game to get money by just being them and just care about having a mediocre game that its subsided by some players and adds

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