Haii mechs X_X $_$


Haii and why is life just well i have school on Thursday and ive got algebra


It is our destiny and cannot be avoided. Also hi.


But why im 13 its not helpfully


Oh Haii $_$ X_X =( im done


Your life is not bad, you r lucky enough to get education, and a job and money later on , if you study,… you should remember there r children who are not able to get good education, they r the unlucky ones, their life is bad. You should be thankful to what you have… Not complain

Also this is off topic


True but i see no point in algebra oh well


damnnnn, that’s rough


Algebra is how everything works… everything with money such as loans or taxes, everything in science especially physics, and as a doctor I use basic algebra all the time when dosing medications for patients. The list is endless. Master it now and you will understand everything around you better as an adult.


It’s advanced algebra


hello i am also 13 i go back to school in 4 days after holidays

i am not looking forward to it.

ps welcome to the forums

i used to get on more regularly but i went away for a while



Just don’t do what I did and mess around in school, I had bad grades. But I was still able to make a living, I just really suck at math lol


imo the problem with the modern age that is extremly fast, kids are forced to grow up even faster and need to digest a lot more info than in my time

i am watching some of my friends kids…they are learning almost the same stuff in the elementary school 7-8 grades, that i learned in gymnasium 2-3rd year…

also as a structural engineer, i can definietly say, math is the most important science, and also the base of everithing…(except cheese…:wink: )

also let me say, math is interesting, if your teacher is good…


High school dropout here. Its been lit. It was actually weird how i woke up and rly badly wanted to go to school. I loved it. But ended up failing. While people that do well hate it for some reason. Idk


did you think about the reason of your failure?


Ya. I was too smart for the lot of them. I aced tests but didnt bother with homework because i felt its a waste of time. So, i knew very well what they taught me and enjoyed learning but didnt feel the need to do homework which is just a dumb repeat of what i already know. Its ok tho. I dropped out and made more money than if i stayed in school


I have a good enough work history and resume where i apply to places that would require a high school diploma but they dont even ask. And my boss knows i dont have one but i do my work better than nighas that do have HSD’s.


It only helps getting a job in the beginning. After you have enough work experience nobody cares.


this is a really good excuse you worked out for your own justification
and i will tell you why
but first tell me what you do?


Mechanical assembly supervisor. Lets take this to pm.


Just imagine some poor children in Africa who do not have algebra and cannot play Supermechs… Their life sucks…