HAHA! Tacticsoft, this time this is too much


Take a look, guys:

All is clear. I am level 108, used to have 120 energy, and with that I could farm 10 BB hard missions or 15 Ramboy hard missions. Usually the energy tank yelded me about 50-70% boxes, so it meant max 7 BB or circa 10 Ramboy boxes. Out of these, about 50% was total crap, common items worth 400 points. Anyways, I somehow enjoyed farming Ramboy, because it was dynamic-ish an did not keep you tied to the screen as BB would. But what is this now? 67 points? that means 5 BB missions? AND 1 POINT REGENERATES IN 5 MINUTES? PLUS THE COST OF REFILL GOES UP TO 30 CREDITS? Are you joking, @Sarah247 and @Mohadib?? So that means if I even think it is worth to grind BB, I will receive about 3, max. 4 boxes of crap? What should I do with it? Do you really believe that Supermechs is so attactive that players will do ANYTHING and ACCEPT ANY KIND OF NERFING (UPS… SORRY, IMPROVING OUR EXPERIENCE AND GAMEPLAY)? Believe me, it is NOT!!! And you will find out about this. I do not know how many times already did I speak about being furious with each and every nerf you introduced (yet, TS you were so shameless and rude as to convince us that you did not change the droprates, players did not receive legendaries on missions - what utter bullshit you are selling @Mohadib and other devs - it is pathetic to even try to keep in touch with you). This time I believe you just went one step too far.
HOWEVER, there is just one thing I wanted to thank you for. We are approaching Christmas Eve, and I wanted to buy myself a nice present, and I thought that just once, I will buy a big pack of tokens, and make a huge unboxing video for my viewers and perhaps the contest… Thank God you introduced this patch… Any stupid ideas of this kind are already gone off my head! And what is this stupid argument: “people did not use the energy, so we cut the amount???” Are you drunk, TS people? OR is this greed that blinded you and your brain just boiled down and you are unable to think? I regularly refilled my 120 energy tank, and together with @El_Metre we kept a log of drops including 360 energy, or even 480 energy runs (so this means refilling 120 energy tank 4 times straight, without any breaks, without even logging out of the campaign screen — this was the secret of the successful grind for legendaries - ah, yes, legendaries did not drop in the campaign…) Watch this:

This is my energy mech, all top level weapons (sniper, ash creator, windforge, bunker) dropped from Big Boy missions. I can even coin a theory, that missions is the only way you can receive really good legendary items (based on what I just said), because whenever I bough premium boxes, I just received crap to use as fuel for myths. I really look forwad to your response to my post, @Sarah247 and @Mohadib. If you do not respond, I will compile a much more detailed video today to be posted on my YT channel. Do you think it will win the video contest, Sarah?


haha yes buddy, they killin this game and us so bad…they didnt know how we pay for this game, refilling some toks only for buying fuel and premi boxes, i have some plan to buy some packs of toks maybe 200-300$ = 19k+ on xmas but i just realized that is no use and god just tell me i would spending my money for charity instead


please, dont spend your money on this game. It is not worth it. I’ve stopped to pay for having nothing or to have useless legendary items. As you can see, tactisoft always changes something from good to bad


Mordulec, you were just faster with this reply… - supporting your comment all the way !!
This is ridiculous.
This is just Saint Nicholas present… clear sign not to wait Christmas in this game…


Also, I just sent the following OFFICIAL message to @Sarah247 and @Mohadib:

I hope they treat the community with respect and react to our concerns.


Auto-Play = Nice

Reduce the energy by fucking 40? no


The game is getting better and better each update , isnt that just cool ?


Not by 40, in my case 120>70


I stopped spending a few months ago when the people using the level glitch were in the top 10 and they still play…


That’s why I think that the promise of this update was the statistics of the fall visits to the game, which negatively affects the opinion of the advertisers… and of course at the same time to degrease the tokens of the players… :thinking:


I, too, am very unpleased by the reduction of my fuel from a maximum of 68 to just 53.
This kind of development really decreases any kind of motivation to invest in the game.
So unless TacticSoft intends to turn the game into a ghost game without any players to then shut it down for good it would be highly advised to undo that decrease in fuel asap.