Haha Jokes on you Thread

Since I have no alive Topics, I wanna keep this one. How it works is, just be like this
@WTFriday Haha I bullied and Claw mech
Me: Haha Jokes on you A clawed bullied me

So imma just start on something random…
Haha I Found an Irradiated Mother in Dead FrontierMother%20of%20hell , dont need to show a picture but you can if you want… Enjoy!

He chose to use me because im his favorite forumer <3

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That could be the reason…

Of course it is XD

Haha jokes on you, I have Many other favorite Forumers

haha jokes on you im a robot made by tacticsoft yah dumb fvck

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Haha jokes on you, Im a human who is smarter than you, and actually has a life (lol)

haha jokes on you robots dont have lives

Haha jokes on you, I have feelings

haha jokes on you i dont know what that means because you skipped your grammar class and didnt eat rice

Haha jokes on you, I am tired

haha jokes on you, im a robot and dont get tired

Haha jokes on you, im not a slave to tactisoft

haha jokes on you NaN

haha jokes on you, I got nothing else to say since im young and dumb

haha jokes on you im as old as time itself

Haha jokes on you im young as time itself

haha jokes on you that makes no godam sense

Haha jokes on you, I never have sense( or a brain) :frowning:

haha jokes on you i dont have a brain either but still smarter than you

Haha jokes on you, robots dont have brains

haha joke on you i literally just said that