Hacks in raid? what is your opinion about this

who can explain this? @Sarah247 @Mohadib


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they one hit killed every enemy?

It doesn’t change anything, you get max score when you finish all the battles as perfect, turns aren’t involved.

well then i dont know.

I made both perfect with one shot, and I could not do that score

Same, that’s why I was explaining to Almora there’s no difference in oneshotting enemies or nope till you get no damages.

Not another one.

Remember this thread when others come in the future to complain about what I am saying today … as I always see things 3 centuries before others.

Looks like you are not the only oracle around here because people were talking about this before you:

You should check the last 10-20 posts

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I had seen it since the last raid with images with tracking etc as I said 3 centuries before anyone said it and now I put a post as I always said 3 centuries before. but only report in private to developers

when I made the post it is when I consider that they would come to realize the others lol
and apparently I’m not wrong.

but thank you very much brother for letting me know about it. I had not seen that…

PD: thanks for letting me know that’s better, you know sometimes some just criticize the rival clan like the one that gave you your comment, but nobody cares anymore they know that it’s just a troll that goes like "a sould in pain "seeking attention from others…