Hacking radar spy move


The idea is to add a spy move which works on radars only. when you trigger it, the radar gets jammed for your enemy fro 3-6 ticks but your alliance can see everything in that radar’s range for the duration it is jammed for the enemy. basically works like a jam but is more expensive and allows your spy to give you radar visibility

  • yes, implement
  • no, do not implement
  • implement if tweaked (tweak idea posted below)

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i can get a jam and SS for 40 E.
Granted Radars have the biggest range but still why would this be useful


sounds good, but even so just doing sat scan and jam would be the same without the risk of your spy getting caught + having to wait for the infiltration ticks and planting the spy would cause it to be very energy consuming (assuming the action takes at least 40 energy.)