Hackers and Gooses


Hello Sarah i was just wondering why you close our thread about hackers ? I know you want everyone to e-mail and send report but we was just having a good conversation about the hackers and supermechs :frowning: I come back and thread is closed and Zion is back.

The hackers still going in and out of clan at will. And before you ask me to do job and send report. I just say it here NO i will not be doing that. Can we not just post on here ? so everybody get a say :slight_smile:

Let me know which way you want…

Pretty much the player base saying NO right now and leaving the game. Do you go into chat at supermechs ?

ok second part of post

Fluxeon call me liar all the time about how big that goose was…he attack me twice already…first fight i win with karate kid move, wax off…second fight, go to goose, I end up on ground in turtle position :frowning: finally after like 5 mintues my dog save my life.

Ok for follow up I was going to sneak up and take picture for proof of the goose and how big he is but i dont want him to see me. When i sneak up on him he see me…omg…he have 20 or 30 buddies but he not even wait for them…he straight up attack me again for 3rd time :frowning:

but what make this so special is the look in his big ass …it like national geographic moment …i call this picture…goose attack…tell me thats not 10 foot wing span.


IN THE THREAD SHE SAID “no more discussion about it” because all u guys do is bicker like children on a playground. Just email her directly about any and all issues regarding the hackers.


But I was enjoying that thread :frowning:

We cant have discussion on here ?


Also it’s geese not gooses. :confused:


Thats part of joke lol


No… Jokes are supposed to be funny…?


I bet $1 fluxeon laugh at that.


I’ll bet 20$ via paypal that he wont.


I would take that bet but i know fluxeon lie about laughing :frowning:


Hilarious fictional story as usual about the goose. :wink:

And of course I laughed as usual… so $20 goes to HappyPoppers ~


Now you believe how big he was ?


stop trying to make this forum seem like a lame place for adults. it didn’t ask me if i’m over 18 when i created an account. there is no reason for any thread on this forum to not have childish bickering. i don’t see any harm done in bickering. as long as it doesn’t get out of hand, which it didn’t.

stop. now you’re just ruining peoples’ day.

and that joke is hilarious. i LOL’d out loud


You sure love to talk about big things, don’t you?

: - )


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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This thread was going to be more about hackers and less about goose :frowning:


I love geese. :smile:


Oh geez
######darn 20 char limit


So have you sent HappyPoppers the $20?

He told me… he did not receive it. :slight_smile:


U laughed on purpose. Smh


You are talking about Fluxeon, and you have ZION himself in clan! That is called irony, PopPop.
Also, we all know who is the real hacker in the game (not ZION), and we all pretend and close our eyes. Because, why not being good with a hacker, you may have benefit from it :slight_smile:
Chocolate for everyone who shares same opinion as me