Hacker spotted on sm


If anyone wants his ID, here it is.

Use his ID to ban him.



he drained me


just imagine what would happen if he got ahold of a magma and hacked the uses


Or like this …

… watch the “Range” also :exclamation:




That’s on client side tho, but that teleporting thing is insane, I mean, if he has infinite teleports he clearly can have any weapon with infinite uses too.

  • cough * EMP * cough *


Changing stuff or using third party programs for your own advantage is against the TCPP from tacticsoft, it doesn’t matter if you do it “on client side” or not, both is bad :exclamation:



I know it’s still bad, but I’m talking about something being more “dangerous” when it can be used in the arena…


Umm… if he uses heat bomb max…


It is possible that this is not the result of using third-party programs or utilities and the error in the code left by incompetence or deliberately. The second option is more than likely, because there were many cases of such technical loopholes, checked ONLY AFTER becoming widely known and massively applied

Silence, too, says and often much more, than wordy announcement or justify. And a devs silence - all the more.


To my knowledge, it is impossible to cheat in SM.

Also, it has never happened in the past.



I do suggest you send this to the supermech’s email. Emails are work required to look at. Forums are technically not. Supermechs@tacticsoft.net


Actually not. I faced different types of hackers in past ( before reload)


Was sarcastic


Oh, well its hard to see sarcasm in text :confused:



Youll figure out soon whos who in the forums.
I time to time throw some sarcasme here and there.


throw in a"/s" at the end when you say stuff like that, leaves no uncertainty


100 % correct :exclamation:


10 out of 10 :exclamation:


That is what I ment with …


already posted it.


Hey, thank you very much, this case is being investigated!