Hacker spotted on sm


so i was invited to a battle and this dude teleported a good 4 times at least. is there any legacy item that holds 4+ teleports?

Question to Developers: The Thread :question:

No video, no proof man


didnt think about it.


A video is needed because:

  • What if he made a topic like that, with no context, just an acusation without proofs about you
  • No one is getting banned without a proof


true true. i need to record it next time. jesus rip me.


Replays are a thing tho


oooo i shall do that


lemme get some recording software on this laptop.


sorry for the music. i was watching something in another tab. and the game language is set to spanish because my friend understand spanish better than english.


Serious. That is crazy. I know there is a 2 teleporter, yet 4.


He invited me too even when I not even in the chat, WTF how!!!
Btw he teleport(ed) 2 times at least in the fight but I kill him too fast so it only stop in 2 I think he can actually do more like you said :thinking:

Dang I want that XD


Iq 5000+


who wouldnt?


@Smirk @Berserk40000 ?


i keep forgetting to ping them. thanks mod.


np that guy need to be banned


There’re 2 Dual TP: the Lightning Gate Mk1, the myth legacy tp
And the Double TP, the relaoded version

But there never was a quad-TP…



PS @lordgorgon

including the results of the raid too.


Heh no name guy. In legacy times i remember fighting a guy who can freeze battle. I was like “goddamn stupid internet” but then i realized that was him when more players fought him :slight_smile:


He a hacker

@Berserk40000 it up