Hacker Report ! lol

Guys i fought a guy in ladder named as JemButDisco
he got a avenger torso
2 anihilations
2 nightfalls
2 myth physical orb cannons
void drone
200+ hp
and 320+ cooling
400 + heat
how is this possible !!
lol check him

His energy must be 143 with 40-50 Regen?

I doubt how he can handle so much weight though

Perhaps if you could send a screenie of the replay it would be easier

heat engines , thats how. They give both cd and heat cap

I just made the math.It would be impossible to have such a build.
Having 6 weapons would mean sacrificing a lot of modules,not to say that 2000+ health along with that cooling and heat (I’ll be neglecting the energy stats) cannot be achieved without filling at least 6 of your 8 modules slots (Avenger torso has really low base heat and cooling for the matter,so it would take a good couple heat engines,as @TechnoDive said).If we are to count and approximate such a mech’s weight we would get a score of around 1300kg.From my point of view (as an SM veteran and a really calculated player) …
…That is indeed hacking.

pics or never happened

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exact friend we need captures of the combat there are no ways to have 6 weapons and to have your statistics to the maximum and without worry of the weight that is not normal

It’s really not that easy to hack these games now, I’ve been trying for the last 5 years to find a bug and get me 1mil tokens xD