Guys WOW , i just started my new account


Just started my new account ( not gonna tell my name , LOL , FOr no reason -_- ) And i’m still level 5 , in my first premium box opening i got this Epic Brutality Torso , then i won 5 arena battles in a row and got enough tokens for the second premium box , and this is what i got ,

, And i was like , YAAAAAY !!! , FOR THE FIRST FUCKING TIME , I got a Mercy ( not mercy in real life , I mean uu umm , No no this is fine ) I’m meaning the mercy weapon of course , BOIII


That’s what we call, a head start XD

gj ^^


Pfffftt hahahahahaha




I was oppening around 15 premium boxes for this… And now you get one in a secundary account.



I feel like new accounts are more likely to get Legendaries as a draw to keep them interested and playing. I made a new account awhile back to test the new Tokens earned from Campaign and Achievements and got an Ash Creator.


I know RIGHT , For those people who are bored and now getting good items , i suggest they start new accounts , and keep the previous account , But not using it much , you know what i mean , use the previous account ( with strong weapons ) only when you miss that feeling of when you have amazing great weapons , because you will miss that feeling when you make a new account


I don’t think is remotely true…


Okay, well I’m basing it off starting multiple accounts in the past 2 months for testing one thing or another, and further proof by what OP posted here. You are basing yours off of…?


My alt account which never received any legendaries comparing to my rank 3 account which got a legendary yesterday and constantly do. Also to my brother’s rank 5 account which he received 1 legendary from season box last week and this week.


And how old is your alt-account? And your brother’s Rank 5 account sounds like it’s been a thing for awhile for him to be that rank…

Not sure if you have much to go on for information about more recently created accounts.


My alt account was created… around April?


So about 5 months ago, and pre-nerf of the Campaign and various other nerfs. Gotcha.


New top physical mech income


I need another…


Oh, and @Winz_Kay I’m not saying you’re wrong and I’m right. I’m merely saying that there seems to be more evidence towards my theory then yours at the moment. Having like 4-5 accounts that I created in the past 2 months, I’ve received various Legendaries on them, whether it be through Level/Login Rewards, Fortune Boxes or Premium Boxes/Packs.


If you didn’t know…I’m WinzKay’s brother…



I know, mate :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Constructive criticism


What! I had no idea you guys are brothers, interesting. :thinking:


You just made chicken not happy