Guys what you say about my mech?


This is my energy mech I think is good for rank 9


@L4K3 can you see my post


@L4K3 sees everything


this is …


@HellcatX, it’s pointless to screenshot your weapons, take the picture when on modules section instead.
May be good to list your utilities (teleport, etc.) aswell!


ok splater I will do that



Modules is the last panel, heat and energy mods are there. This is utility panel



Get rid of res modules put plates instead


You probably want to pack 2 HP modules, 2 Heat Engines and 4 Energy Engines.
You can drop a Last Word for weight issue.


yeah…put hp plates, also energy is low.
And 2 last words? let go of one, and put another Malice Beam.
your setup should be for modules:
2-3 epic hp plates(myth ones are better if you have).
1-2 heat engine.
5-4 energy engines.
Keep faceshoker, it is better then snack.
Wepon setup:
2 MB.
1 Lastwords.
1 Bunkershell.
1 histeria.


Thanks bro… are you from Romania?


yes i am.
Cu placere.


lol ce tare bro
mi-ar placea sa am ce ai zis acolo dar nu am


incet incet le poti dobandi din campanie si cutii.
Tot ce am spus acolo, ai deja partial, doar engines si hp plates(alea le gasesti de la nivel comune), le gasesti tot la nivel de epic.
trebe timp si perseverenta.


campania o am toata terminata pe hard si mai am overlord pe insane


Yes,I can.
Sorry for not responding earlier;I was spriting.

So,you wanna make an energy build,huh?
My advice:
Pretty much all that El_Metre said but with some completitions -


  • 2 Heat Engines
  • 4 Energy Engines
  • 2 Epic Plates

Weapon setup:

  • Keep the 2 Last Words for now as you’ll need them.
    You can make a combo with LW and every other weapon you have,even dual LW combo.
    Dualing them will give you a couple more posibilities and extra ammo if you decide to pair it with something else.

  • You won’t need a second Malice Beam if you already have one and something to pair it with,such as Bunker Shell,Hysteria and/or Last Words.

  • Keep the Face Shocker.
    Even if it has 3 uses,it does twice the damage and almost twice the drain that Snack does.
    Plus,with that setup,in most of your matches,you won’t even need that drone more than 3 times :slight_smile:

  • If that specific module setup doesn’t meet the weight requirements,give up on a Last Words.
    Modules are more important that another 3 shots with that thing.
    If it does then even better,keep 'em both!

You have to put on a teleport.
Charge and Hook are optional.
If you give up on those 2 then keep both Last Words.
If you want them also,keep only 1 Last Words (like this you’ll also have more space if the original module setup is too heavy).


you have a bunker.

im mad


Why don’t you put the other HP plate on? You have enough weight.