Guys ! Should i do this?


I have currently 127 tokens , So i was thinking should i save more for a premium pack , or should i buy a premium box ?


Prefiero que compres pinturas… Al menos, ellas no son al azar.


I would go for boxes…


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RNG man, RNG


??? Dafuq is RNG ?? What the ffff


I think you should keep the tokens for the item portal and not buy boxes!

Read the forum, please! The boxes are very bad and you have many chances to get trash.

Keep the tokens for portal fuel. come on man!


Random Number Generator (or Rigged Number Generator depending on people)

A.K.A. luck

@Wepwawet I got a Plat Plate from a box one and half week ago, maybe less…
Can definitly be worth sometimes…


I am waiting maybe year for some type of resistance or plat plat (F2P)…maybe bad luck + sure shity drop rate… now i have 1800 tokens and waiting for serious offer :laughing:


Look … I think 1 in 100 gets a PP now. 1 for 100 get PP and the other 99 get garbage. By the way, I have 99 chances against 1 of getting garbage.

There is a kind of joke about this: it turns out that a very believing person managed to save his life at the war. Then, he gave thanks to God: “Thank you, my God, because you saved my life, you are really a very good God who loves all his creatures.” But he forgot all the other thousands who had died!

That is the same.


Just buy paint. At least you’re getting something for your cash.