Guys, please help me. I need your help!


Guys, I have participated in a competition named Shell Ocean Discovery XPrize. All you have to do is I will give you a link and just vote for me.

Link :

My Project name : The Relic - Key to $7 Million

Please, guys vote for me I am really in very need of you. Won’t you help your friend?

Thank you so much for your vote guys!

i think this is yours ??


no that is not mine. Search for The - Relic


Where are you?

#5 this one is mine guys


Ugh, have to do sign-up…


hmm bro will just take a few seconds. But, trust me it will help me alot.


yep and really the item relic in the game???


tell me a password I tried all my passwords I use they don’t work


Can’t you spend just some minutes of your life on your friend ?


ok use password as sparsh.1234


thanks lol that was akid is password


Did it allowed you to sign up?


they just now sended a message and @rc1 how are u doing in this??


@cyanine @Aador @The_Yo_Yo_Man help me


I guess I should try to do it…


Thanks bro god bless u :smiley:


I don’t know what this thing is all about. I just hope you’re happy with my vote.


Thanks a lot. You vote really matters.


That’s good to hear.