Guys doesn't give tokens?

Do the surveys work for any of you??

I haven’t tried them, because they’re probably fake, or, as you just said, are fake.

Nope, none of it works

I’ve tried. It’s been months and no response.

Before there was a quiz and gave tokens. Now only surveys that never find one for you. I think Personaly was blocked in a way by supermechs, just like supersonic.

I do tokens with googleplay, it’s the only thing TS can’t touch! Cool Googleplay!

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How do you do tokens with google play… it lets you fill out surveys??

You need to connect to the game with your mobile.

You get 50 free tokens a day by watching short ads about other games. 8 tokens every 1 hour. Which represents about 1500 free tokens per month. Add to that what you get from the raid, plus daily reward, plus weekly reward per visit, clan tokens … you can make more than 2000 free tokens per month, enough for portal and to open boxes when new item appears.


I do these every day as well. Love me some free tokens!


How do I connect to the game with my mobile??